What is Neuromarketing – and why do I care?

Mailbox or inbox? That really is the ultimate question. Over the years, the marketing strategy and advertising landscape has changed in leaps and bounds. To boost brand awareness, reach your target audience or promote a new product, business owners have endless options – whether they want their customers to watch, read, scroll, click, or swipe. 

Digital and traditional advertising have a long list of respectful benefits and their own separate reputation for delivering strong results. Most people would assume that millennials are drawn to digital ads, while traditional forms of advertising, such as direct mail, resonates most with baby boomers. 

It turns out that that’s not exactly the case…

Recent studies have shown that your brain responds differently to both pieces of marketing – regardless of age. In fact, researchers from The OIG and Temple University have found physical ads actually outperformed digital ads across all age groups, in terms of leaving a lasting impression. The study was conducted by tracking self-reporting measures, behavioural responses, eye tracking, and fMRI technology. 

Does this mean that business owners should abandon digital marketing efforts? Not at all.

In fact, it turns out that the ultimate recipe for success is to combine both forms of advertising and adopt a blended approach. By doing so, you’ll be giving your business more exposure and the best opportunity to succeed.  

Here’s how you can integrate direct mail with digital touchpoints

Think of this strategy as a ‘one, two – punch’. Research shows that audience members spend 25% more when direct mail is used alongside email marketing. And, 33% of Gen Xers – who make up 31 percent of the purchasing power in the country – responded to a direct mail ad and 27% responded to an ad on social media in the past 30 days. Here are three ways you can combine direct mail with digital marketing:

Email — 

This is your chance to make an additional special offer to entice your audience to buy now. Surprisingly, most marketers are using email, but are not combining it with their direct mail campaign. Used in tandem, email marketing campaigns can build brand awareness and generate business. Email can also provide insights into open rates, clicks, opt outs etc. Email campaigns can be automated and are also very scalable.

Interactive video

Leverage the power of QR codes. When your customer scans the code, have it lead to a landing page that hosts a promotional video, which features more information about your company, or the promotion that is being offered. 

Merge with social media –

Refine your omnichannel efforts by using your direct mail list online and merging it with Facebook Ads. 

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