How to Win at Retail: 4 Critical Marketing Tips for Survival

The brick and mortar store isn’t dead—far from it. The tried and true methods of connecting with your customers in person and selling still works, with some minor adjustments. If you need to shake up your marketing plan and generate new business, we have the tips to help you do it. These four marketing strategies will help retailers boost sales this summer.

1. Update Your Signage

If you have a physical location you have a huge advantage that online retailers do not. People drive and walk by your storefront every day. Though, they stop paying as much attention to your storefront if you don’t change it. So, it’s a wise idea to add new, vibrant signage so that your store catches the eye of potential customers. Changing your signage frequently, including for seasons and sales, helps generate long-term interest.

Updating your signs frequently doesn’t have to be expensive. Some sign types are less expensive, or versatile enough to be used once a year. Consider these signs:

  • Banner signs if you have a large storefront
  • A-frame signs if you have strong foot traffic
  • Digital signs if you can invest in them, as they are more versatile

2. Keep Your Map Listings Updated

Unless they are already a top customer, most people will find your store on Google maps. It’s important to consider what they see when they look for your store. Is the location accurate and are there positive reviews? 

You can update the store location yourself and ask your customers to give honest reviews to boost your map presence. An updated location and strong reviews can make your store more appealing than your competitor’s location.

3. Invest in Your Social Media Presence

Retailers can take great advantage of the social media space. Your specific strategy will depend on what you’re selling and why people want to buy it. Not only can you use your own accounts to promote your product, but you can partner with social media influencers to further spread brand awareness of your product or service.

The secret with social media and influencers is to avoid spreading your efforts too thin. It’s best to do research about which platforms and influencers are most important to your target customers before you start. Plus, don’t be afraid to adjust as social media platforms fall in and out of favour.

4. Use Direct Mail to Drive Traffic

How do you reach those who don’t drive by your store, search for it on maps, or follow your social media? Direct mail can help you connect with those potential customers in their homes. Direct mail is especially effective for retailers when you pair it with a special promotion or offer.

Even those who have never visited your location before will be tempted to do so when offered an exclusive promotion or coupon. Plus, direct mail campaigns can be highly targeted to reach the exact customers you’re looking for.

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