Our Top 5 Tips For Your Halloween Marketing

‘Tis the season for ghoulish costumes, decorations, parties and treats, but it’s also a prime opportunity for businesses to get their messages and products in front of a wider audience both for maximum exposure and to drive potential sales.   

According to BNN Bloomberg, over the years Canadians have spent an average of at least $77 to attend Halloween parties and around $52 on costumes. However, depending on family size and the theme of the costume this number may be even higher.

The report also mentioned that an average of $43 is spent on decorations. Although most consumers generally re-use their decorations, more new products are being introduced all the time, increasing the likelihood that the total cost for decorations, especially for parties, is more.

Stats Canada reported in 2018 that $550.7 million in retail was sold on Halloween treats like cookies, confectionery and snack foods alone and that the number of children of prime trick-or-treating age neared almost four million. With a total estimated spend of over 1 billion dollars on all Halloween related purchases each year. 

There’s no shortage of money Canadians are willing to spend on the holiday, so how can you incorporate more opportunities to market more effectively through the season? Here are our key tips:

  1. Start early (but not too early).

    Depending on your business and product offerings, you may be tempted to take advantage of marketing starting in September. Unless you’re a brand like M&M’s, vying to get ahead of the competition with new flavours and packaging, you’re best to wait to unveil your best offers until early October when consumers are most ready to buy.

  2. Spookify your products.

    If you have products or packaging you can design in Halloween colours or objects, go for it. If you’re not able to alter your products, why not get cookies or cupcakes that look like the products that you can use to tie into the festive theme? This is especially effective for client meetings or consumer events as a takeaway. Don’t forget to share photos on social media, too!

  3. Special discounts, promotions or contests.

    Who doesn’t love a deal or prize? Get into the seasonal spirit with a monster promo for clients or loyalty offerings for devoted customers. Make it Halloween themed and advertise it across your website, newsletters, and social media. For added engagement, ask clients or customers for a simple comment or emoji response.

  4. DIY and helpful content.

    People love content that’s informative and useful to their lives. Providing how-to’s and tutorials in a Halloween theme is a great way to spice up your own content and also offer information that’s valuable and more likely to be shared. If you’re not into blogging, you can also turn this content into graphics, such as infographics, that can be shared on social.

  5. Get creative on social media.

    If you have social media channels, now’s the time to have fun with content, such as sharing office costume party photos, spooky infographics or zombie apocalypse checklists that can incorporate your products. Get creative with graphics on social as well as your website for an added tie-in and continuity across platforms.

Interested in more tips and tricks? Want to ramp up your marketing strategy this Halloween season and beyond? Contact us at DRMG today and let’s brainstorm some great ideas together. 

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