How to Promote your Business for the Holiday Season

The holidays are a big opportunity for virtually every business, from chain retailers to small business owners. Of course, taking advantage of this opportunity takes strategic planning. How do you ensure that your marketing campaign will be bigger and more effective than ever, without saddling yourself with a campaign that is too complicated? Here are some tips to keep your holiday marketing on track:

#1 Take Your Time Planning

Don’t rush right into your campaign the second Halloween or Thanksgiving is over. Taking your time to develop just the right strategy will pay off down the line. Further, research suggests that customers may not want you to start Christmas events and promotions early. For example, playing Christmas music stresses out some customers. In fact, according to Forbes, many feel less comfortable (and spend less) in stores that play holiday music.

#2 Review Last Year’s Efforts

As part of the planning process, always reflect on what worked and what didn’t last year. If you have a DRMG Insight account, you can analyze last year’s holiday marketing efforts to improve this year’s campaign.

When you look back you may find that your efforts produced a lot of unpredictable peaks and valleys. In order to help smooth out these sales, you can try extending your big sales events through what were valleys for your company last year.

#3 Execute On Every Channel

You should execute your holiday marketing campaign on every channel you’re invested in, including social media, email marketing, PPC ads, and direct mail. However, each channel should be treated differently. It is wise to entice your most loyal customers, those who follow you on social media, with early access to deals, or even specific deals just for them. You may even benefit from creating a specific app for your business, depending on your volume and what kind of customers you cater to.

#4 Coupons, Coupons

As compelling as “15% off everything” events may be, coupons that are more specific, and physically in your customer’s hand, may be more compelling this time of year. Holiday shoppers are trained to find deals, from Black Friday to Boxing Day. It’s better when that deal feels specific to them or to a certain line or type of product.

#5 In-Store Signage

Be sure that you’re supporting your external marketing efforts with internal signs. You don’t have to deck out the store in stockings, tinsel, and trees right away. Instead, a handful of carefully placed signs can draw attention to the exact spot you want customers to be looking. In fact, by limiting your holiday cheer, you make the holiday-themed signs you have stand out more.

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