Your Go-To Guide for 2020 Marketing Trends

The marketing world has evolved rapidly at a breakneck pace over the past few years alone. With the sheer volume of content and ads consumers see each day, marketers are looking for new ways to be seen and stand out among the rest. 

For many businesses, relying on traditional marketing alone is an extreme challenge. With so much focus on digital communication and content, having an optimized website and a solid strategy of reaching an audience is only part of the battle. In fact, even being number one at the top of Google search results is no longer a guarantee that consumers will see you.

What does this mean for marketers, especially small businesses that are already struggling with visibility? How can small businesses achieve the right balance between digital and direct marketing to help them achieve their goals? Going into 2020 those looking to stay ahead must consider implementing a multi-faceted strategy based on the following key marketing trends:

#1 Content Marketing

There’s never been more demand for high quality, informative content. Rather than relying solely on SEO or pushing a product, content needs to also consider what consumers are actually interested in and answers the questions they’re searching for. Search engines look for information that’s most relevant to what real people want. Content reflecting that has the best chance of being seen, which will help establish a business or professional as an authority on the topic.

#2 Interactive Content

While robust, informative content is good, interactive content is even better. Users are more likely to stay on a website, open an email or share content if there’s some sort of interactive element, especially visuals. According to DemandGenReport, 91% of consumers actually prefer visuals.

#3 Integrating Video

Along with visuals, video will continue to play a major role in marketing well into 2020 and the next few years. Videos can not only help consumers understand your products and your brand better, but Social Media Today reports that 90% of consumers claim that video will help them make a purchasing decision. What does your video strategy look like?

#4 Personalization

Gone are the days of generic emails and ads. 2020 will see a spike in the personalization of content which is, overall, massively appealing to consumers who want to feel more of a connection to a brand. Email lists are an easy way to personalize your content and your message.

One of the most effective ways to utilize and combine the above trends is with a targeted Direct Mail and alternative advertising strategy. A Direct Mail initiative ensures that your message reaches those who may be less digitally inclined or prefer to receive traditional communications, while alternative advertising platforms offer a two-prong approach to reach your audience through more dynamic ads.

Additionally, with advanced performance tracking such as DRMG Insight, you can closely monitor who your top prospects are and the success of your campaigns (or where to make adjustments). This level of in-depth insight will help bring you closer than ever to reaching your best customers in 2020 and beyond.

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