How to Make the Most of Interactive Content

With the new year and new decade under way, businesses are looking for more efficient ways to build and connect with their audiences. The  natural end goal of these strategies is to increase conversion rates, but if what you’re offering isn’t engaging enough, customers will look elsewhere.  This year we expect to see a rise, more than ever, in interactive content including infographics, podcasts and videos, creative coupons, and dipping into the realm of virtual reality.

Interactive content elevates your brand awareness, builds your credibility, and attracts traffic to your website or business. If you don’t have a solid plan in place to include interactive content in your marketing or don’t know where to start, here are some key examples of interactive content that will help build your strategy at every stage of your sales funnel.


Consumers are inundated with ads every day and most are visual. Studies have shown that approximately 65% of the population are visual learners, which is why it’s important to develop visual content. One way to make your brand or product stand out is to create infographics which can be posted on your website or social media channels. These are excellent ways to share facts and information related to your business in a fun, engaging way, especially if you have more complex products or services you want to explain. Infographics are highly shareable and can easily be incorporated into your email marketing as well.

Social Media

While social media marketing may be more of a challenge for some small businesses in terms of consistent advertising, you can still take advantage of the benefits of posting regular updates and making this content engaging by posting infographics and other fun visuals, as well as quizzes, and even coupons. Quizzes and coupons are  a very simple but effective method of encouraging your audience to share deals, follow your page, and drive traffic to your business or website. If you have the capacity for it, live video streams on social are also an increasingly popular way to humanize your brand, answer questions, and drive to your website or call to action.

Website Widgets

Quizzes and polls have the powerful ability to generate feedback from your audience. Post them on your website homepage and on your website where you get the most traction. Pairing a poll with a call to action or another interactive widget, like a newsletter signup form, social media sharing application, booking software or customer service chat are excellent ways to continue to capture your audience’s attention at various stages of the sales journey.


Videos will be one of the most important pieces of interactive content in 2020 and beyond as more and more web users watch more videos than ever before. These videos include webinars and 360 videos, the latter of which allows customers to get an immersive look at a location or product offering. Webinars are an exclusive way to directly interact with an audience through a product or service demonstration or Q&A.


How does this tie into traditional media? By driving referral traffic online, print ads can often lead customers to checking out your brand online. In order to drive engagement and lead-focused traffic, it’s  critical to include a strong call to action phrase in your print ads. Notice the difference between simply saying, “Call us” and “Call us now to take advantage of this limited time offer!” – the second is a more attractive direction. Your audience wants to know exactly what they’re getting.’s Business Profiles Pages are built to help your business get the visibility you want. And, they directly relate your print to your digital presence! With online coupon posting, page customization, and call tracking, a Business Profile Page is sure to get your customers engaged. Contact us now to boost your interactive presence and generate more leads and sales.

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