New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business

Closing out the year is a good time for businesses to re-evaluate what has worked really well for the company as a whole and look at areas for improvement. For many businesses, this means sitting down with the executive team and reviewing finances, identifying where to cut costs, and developing a better strategy to save money overall. But now is also the perfect opportunity to build a strategy for the whole team that helps everyone work more efficiently while increasing employee engagement.

Check out some of these New Year’s resolutions to give your business a boost and ensure success well into the New Year.

Schedule more frequent check-ins

If your team only meets a few times a year or once every quarter, consider more frequent and shorter meetings to get a feeling on where individuals are at. Frequent meetings give everyone the opportunity to identify problems or ask questions, as well as act right away rather than waiting for the next meeting to make progress.

Could your team use more support or does equipment or software need updating to run more efficiently? Address these concerns sooner rather than later. More frequent meetings also allow you to stay on track with what’s working, stop doing what isn’t working, and revise your goals so that your entire team, as well as your business, is constantly evolving.

Get involved in your community

You may already be involved in charities in your local community but if you’re not, consider adding community involvement to your list of resolutions. Now is the perfect time to narrow down a list of causes your company cares about and look for ways to give back. It may be as simple as a monthly donation or gathering your team to participate in a walk for a cure. Or, take it a step further and engage your audience – the very people you market to in your area – by sharing your activities on social media or through your marketing campaigns and encourage them to get involved or to join you. Businesses that seek to help others in authentic ways build trust and a sense of comradery with consumers.

Develop new skills

Taking an active step in your personal and professional success is a great way to meet potential collaborators and clients along the way. There may be an aspect of your business that you’ve always wanted to learn more about or offer to your consumers. Is it a skill that can generate profit? Regardless, pinpoint at least one new endeavour and make it a priority. Write about it in a blog post or share it in a newsletter or on social media to involve customers in your journey.

Consistently promote your business

There are plenty of cost-efficient ways to promote a business, but the key among all is frequency. If your goal is to target consumers through direct mail ads, ensure that you are doing so at a high rate of frequency and repetition rather than putting out an ad haphazardly. The frequency will help you stay top of mind with your audience.

Commit to a strategic marketing plan that targets several different areas of interest and vary up your messages. If you have the budget to hire a marketing professional to give your strategy a boost, take the opportunity to leverage their expertise and explore some new ideas.


Most business professionals understand the necessity of networking. Whether you attend a monthly community event or travel to a larger conference once or twice a year, create a few networking goals. Perhaps you want to connect with a certain number of people, get their business cards and commit to following up with them shortly after the event. Or maybe you simply want to make time to attend more events to talk about your business and share insights with others. Join several networking groups through Facebook or LinkedIn and devote time to answering important topic questions or participating in discussions in your industry.

Applying these resolutions to your overall strategy in the New Year has the potential to enhance your business in more ways than one, rather than relying on the same plan to get you through and hope for the best. These actionable items can have a real impact on your growth and infuse new energy into your day to day operations.

Contact us for insight from one of our marketing consultants on how you can improve your marketing efforts in the New Year and beyond.

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