Advertising Solutions for Tax Professionals

Effective advertising for tax professionals is especially critical as tax time approaches. There are a lot of competitors in the tax calculation sector, and you need ads that stand out so you can be the one to help people get back the funds they deserve and are entitled to receive. 

Incorporate Direct Mail into Marketing Campaigns

Why use direct mail for your tax business? Direct mail is an integral part of any successful marketing strategy, and it can produce the desired results and ROI when done correctly. Your direct mail design needs to incorporate the proper keywords and stay on brand with established digital marketing strategies. It’s also a great way to help build your tax service brand and get your name out to potential customers. Direct mail also allows you to promote new services and products. 

The first thing to consider is which format you think would best compliment your advertising. Solo mail allows you to have an ad separate from other advertisers to get into the hands of potential or new customers. These ads can be stylized to suit your budget and advertising specifics. You can send these targeted ads to a few hundred people or thousands. 

The shared mail magazine option is when your ad is a part of a larger ad, in which you can choose the size and placement. This option offers various pros and cons that differ based on your company’s requirements and resources. The shared mail envelope option is similar to the shared mail magazine, but your ad is by itself inside an envelope filled with other separate ads. Depending on your needs and budget, one of these options can help you get a strong ROI for your advertising dollar at tax time.

Incorporate Technology into Marketing Campaigns

Although direct mail is an established form of effective marketing, there are new ways to incorporate technology into your advertising to help produce more interactions between your professional tax firm and customers. QR Codes are not just a great way to garner a response from your intended audience, but it’s also a convenient way to track the success of an ad campaign that has been deployed in a specific area. 

The QR codes on your direct mail can alert consumers of new promotions or services, or even direct them to a website with up-to-date tax tips that they could use. You can also use these QR codes to add potential customers to a mailing list, or you can link them to your social media.

DRMG Insight is an invaluable tool to have at your disposal. It tracks your campaign in real-time to allow you to access the effectiveness of your marketing campaign, so you know how to modify future mailers. Call Tracking offers a similar analysis of your marketing campaign. It allows you to process the number of interactions produced by your current marketing campaign and lets you know what areas you’re seeing the best results in. 

Incorporate Digital Marketing into Marketing Campaigns

A successful marketing campaign involves a variety of methods and touch points. Direct mail works best when tied into other digital marketing strategies: 

  • Social media – It’s evident that social media plays a significant role in most people’s daily lives, so having a strong social media presence is vital. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, etc., are all used by different types of people. By utilizing these free sites, you can cast a larger net out and reach a broader audience.  
  • SEO – Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of increasing your company’s visibility organically in search engine results. It’s all about getting your company’s name and brand in front of as many eyes as possible. The goal is to be as close to the top of as many search pages as possible. Proper use of SEO comes at no direct cost, can provide both long-term and short-term results and can increase the chances of your services, product or brand being seen by the right customers. 
  • Local listings – Local listings contain information regarding your business to help customers in your area learn more about your company. This information typically includes name, address, phone number, business hours and other relevant data. The goal of local listings is to make your business more accurate and searchable when online, especially when users are looking for local business listings. Companies that supply more information and photos are often perceived as more credible in your customers’ eyes. 

Contact a DRMG sales rep to learn more about how our advertising solutions can help your accounting firm and get started with your direct mail campaign in time for tax season!

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