image of drmg leader darren anderson

Darren Anderson
Director IT

Responsibilities – As the Director of IT for DRMG, Darren joined the company in April 2019 where his primary responsibility is organizing data to develop business intelligence through technology.  Guiding DRMG’s mission of data-driven results for both the organization and its clients, Darren delivers technology systems that align to the business objectives.

Background – With over 20 years experience in the IT field, Darren has successfully integrated corporate acquisitions from global locations into IT infrastructure and roadmaps. His prior experience in the Financial, Food, and Medical industry brings his skill set of navigating complex IT needs to DRMG.  Previously with Laborie Medical Technologies, Darren led critical projects such as server transition and development of data control center structure.

Darren holds certification in Information Technology Infrastructure and Libraries from ITPRENEURS in Raleigh, NC and has earned his Network Administration diploma in St. Johns, NL.

Fun Facts – Despite his tendency for data and systems, Darren also serves as the Tournament Director for the Burlington Oldtimers Softball League.