Why start aDRMG Franchise?

We are the best in the business

  • Own a prestigious, success-driven business franchise that retains great relationships with clients
  • No store-front, inventory or long term leases to worry about
  • Fast & simple start up with our proven “launch package”; we give you the help and support to build your business quickly and to sustain it in the long run
  • Cutting edge marketing tools coupled with customer category lists
  • Complete portfolio of integrated media solutions including co-op, solo, ad-mail, online and variable solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should consider buying a Saver Media Group Franchise?

A business-minded person or partnership that understands this is a direct sales business. Saver Media Group (SMG) seeks franchisees who adopt a “hands-on” approach and are active in their business as well as awareness for the franchising system. This may not be ideal for those looking for a passive or investment opportunity.

Who are we?

DRMG and its franchisees across Canada print over 150,000,000 co-op magazines and solo shared media products wrap ad cards per year!

We help our customers set up an effective shared media products wrap marketing plans. We are unique in that we build campaigns designed to bring our customers optimum results to grow their business or organization. Why? Because first and foremost, we are experienced experts in results driven marketing for businesses of any size or category, and on a local or national scale. Our top quality print and mail services are just one method of our proven ability to help businesses advertise to their targeted audience. We provide a great product at super competitive rates. And, we have the experience and industry knowledge to give it the best chance for success. All of this leads to an industry leading OVER 80% ADVERTISER RENEWAL RATE!

What kind of training support is there?

Every franchisee is provided with a Senior Sales Mentor and Operational consultant.

What training do you provide?

New franchise owners go through an extensive training program at our SMG Headquarters that includes:

  • New franchise owner training (one week at SMG headquarters)
  • Sales orientation (sales training in an established market)
  • ‘In Zone’ training (sales training in your franchise market)
  • Operational phone and telemarketing training
  • Ongoing support from your Senior Sales Mentor, Art Graphics Mentor, and Franchise Development Committee members.

Is there additional sales training?

Direct Response Media Group offers ongoing “Round Table” training, including additional training segments at Direct Response Media Group headquarters and in-zone regionally with a team of experienced sales training professionals. Owners and sales reps attend quarterly meetings to improve all areas of the sales process, these sessions are conducted by senior franchisees, successful sales representatives, corporate staff and outside professionals. Annual sales contests winners are also recognized at an annual awards banquet.

How is my territory defined?

Franchise sizes vary but each will include a minimum of 50,000 households, consisting of desirable consumers based on report household income and other criteria. Our largest territories can reach 150,000 households.

Do you have proprietary software platforms?

Yes – we have a customized CRM management software system that manages all day-to-day operations of your territory including accounting and sales tracking processes. There are additional software applications for our Ad Wizard Training and Ad Wizard Building, franchisee or head office based. Telemarketing software platforms and the Ad Archive Platform includes over 100,000 searchable ads for use in sales and building guidelines.

How long is the term of franchise?

The initial term is ten years with an unlimited number of five-year renewal terms.

Can anyone else sell in my territory?

Direct Response Media Group franchisees own the rights to sell all businesses in their territory. A Multimarket Sales Policy has been established to govern optional permissions that the local franchise owner may want to grant to another Direct Response Media Group franchisee or our National Sales Department.

Regional and national advertisers may be placed into multiple markets, compensating the local Direct Response Media Group franchise owner. We also have a program to compensate both franchises when working with clients that mail in multiple territories.

Will you help with hiring sale representitives?

We offer multiple hiring and recruiting tools, including analysis of desired personal characteristics and a list of interview questions. Additionally, a recruiting program can be purchased which includes job postings and testing guidelines to help you hire qualified sales representatives.

Where do I go from here?

Please contact Franchise Sales at our Corporate Headquarters at 866 993 0600. Upon completing the Request For Consideration (RFC) we will send you our Franchise Disclosure Document for your review.

Franchise Inquiry Form

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