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  • Published 6 times per year
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Money Saver FSI

RetailMeNot Everyday is now our Money Saver Free Standing Insert (FSI) distributed 6 times per year in major newspapers across Canada. Featuring sweet deals on your favourite Retail Brands, Home Improvement, Health Care Products, and much more!

Did you know?

75% of Canadians pay more attention to direct mail marketing.


FSI Supplied Art Requirements

  • Keep all colours and images CMYK
  • Black background values must be: C-40, M-40, Y-40, K-100
  • Black/Grey type must be 100% black
  • Minimum font size to be 6pt
  • Files must be minimum 200 DPI
  • Preferred: working files with
    supporting fonts & links
  • High resolution editable PDF
  • NOTE: if any other file formats are
    supplied, changes/updates cannot be
    made if required.

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Electronic Transfer

1. Visit & click Upload Artwork
2. Login: ads | Password: drmgsaver
3. Follow prompted instructions

For Technical Difficulties: | 1-833-749-0405

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Need a Consultation?


Need a consultation? Contact us.

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Full Page6.75”w x 10”h
Back Cover6.75”w x 10”h
Perfect Spread13.625”w x 10”h
Half Page6.75”w x 4.9375”h
Right Hand
Full Page with Tab
6.75”w x 10”h
Left Hand
Full Page with Tab
6.75”w x 10”h
Tab Option0.5”w x 10”h
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after receiving direct mail

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if they have a direct mail coupon

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from brands they’re interested in

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  • My advertising costs are fully covered within the first 2 weeks of the Money Saver Envelope reaching people’s mailboxes. When it’s about to be delivered, 14 of my stores prepare ahead by loading up on food and materials. Our ads come out looking fantastic and interesting every time. Each time the 500, 000 Money Saver Envelopes are distributed, my sales and customer count both increase and the number one reason they increase is because a lot of new customers will try us for the first time. In the last 3 years, I have seen a 15% increase year after year. What I really like about the Money Saver Envelope is that it is done on time, it shows up in the market on time and when it does show up....I can definitely tell. The numbers show it! It’s unbelievable! Even when compared to sales in the United States - I have the best sales team. Money Saver Envelope works for me for a very simple reason - everybody has a mailbox!

    Mono Moitra
    Mono Moitra Churchs Chicken
  • The advertising I did with Money Saver has exceeded my expectations and we’re seeing great response. Thank you to Rod Whyte and the DRMG team for being a part of our success at Elements Metal Roofing.

    Charles W.
    Charles W. Elements Metal Roof
  • “We have been using Money Saver Envelope for years in Victoria, and every time the envelope is distributed by Canada Post we see a spike in business whether by phone calls or walk ins with the flyer in hand. We have tried other methods of advertising that do not perform as well as the shared media products flyers as we can measure our responses each time they go out and will continue to grow our business with DRMG each month.”

    Ken Greenwood
    Ken Greenwood Sun Shade Film Systems
  • We have been using Money Saver Envelope for distributing our take-out menu and we notice a great increase in business with acquiring new customers each and every month. We really like DRMG Insights where they track and measure all of our phone call orders as this data is very important to know that Money Saver Envelope really works and helps boost our sales each month. The value is excellent and DRMG takes care of the design, print, and delivery through Canada Post so we can concentrate on our restaurant.

    Niphon Pakjabok
    Niphon Pakjabok Kwao Thai Restaurant
  • We have been using Money Saver Envelope for a few years and each time our coupons go out we certainly see an increase in business along with new faces walking into our restaurant for the first time. We also like the value and flexibility with artwork changes anytime we want to change things up.

    Richard Wass
    Richard Wass Saltys Fish & Chips
  • We have been using the coupons with Money Saver Envelope for many months now and reach out to 100,000 mailboxes each month in Victoria and track our results. They have been great for our restaurant and we will continue to generate new and repeat business with DRMG.

    Rinku Singh
    Rinku Singh Uptown Bistro
  • We have been using the Money Saver Envelope Front Cover with our menu inside and definitely have seen an increase in delivery and dine-in orders every time the envelopes are delivered.

    Fei Huang
    Fei Huang Lums Chinese Restaurant
  • We have been using Money Saver Envelope for 3 Years to distribute our delivery and take-out menu. We see an increase each month and like the fact that we can change our menu design as often as we would like and at a great value.

    Johnny Woo
    Johnny Woo Jade Fountain Restaurant