Money Saver FSI

Influence consumers as they plan shopping trips with this popular coupon book

Did you know?

of Canadians read their direct mail
of consumers use coupons they get in the mail
of consumers use coupons to plan their shopping

Hyper Local Target

Target local consumers throughout Canada with over 40 Local Marketing Zones. Circulation 7,000,000

Reach Your Target Audience

Target the right customer with the right offer, at the right time by leveraging 3 billion consumer data points and 1,200 targeting attributes to identify particular characteristics, and reach households that meet these characteristics.

Measure The Success Of Every Campaign

Gain visibility into each consumer while they engage with direct mail. Track every phone call with our Call Tracking software, every website visit, form fill and QR scan.

Coupon Redemption Rates By Category:

Coupon Redemption Rates By Category:

Local Marketing Zone Map