Campaign Tracking

Not tracking Direct Mail results online can lead to underestimating response by as much as 50%!

  • Track Calls
  • Capture Form Fills
  • Connect APIs

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Sync Your Print & Digital Ads

DRMG Insight tracks your campaign conversions in real time – New Customers are at your fingertips 24/7.
Lead attribution shows the impact of each marketing channel.

What is DRMG Insight?

DRMG Insight is an advertising analytics tool that allows businesses to monitor and measure the effectiveness of online and offline marketing efforts in a centralized location. DRMG Insight helps tell the story of an integrated marketing campaign.

  • Monitor performance metrics that highlight ad impact
  • Monitor conversions from advertising efforts
  • Simple tracking number setup for print & digital campaigns

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Track Calls & Form Submissions

With DRMG Insight, responses to your advertising efforts are captured in real-time. Phone calls and form submissions are recorded so you know exactly who responded to which ads and when.

  • Create trackable phone numbers for any campaign
  • Collect and report on leads from any campaign
  • Automatically organizes all lead contact information

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Analyze Results & Connect API’s

DRMG Insight believes in accountability for your marketing investments. Connect to Google Analytics & Mailchimp to see how your ads are impacting elsewhere. 

  • Track individual ads and media on the same chart
  • See the effect of the media on leads and website traffic
  • Export leads to any CRM with a simple CSV export tool

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  • Call Tracking Number
  • Google Analytics Connection
  • Call recordings
  • Visualized Data (pie charts tables graphs)
  • Coupon data (views downloads)
  • Online Form Submission log
  • Site Backups
  • DRMG Insight
    $30 per Month
    • 11 Call Tracking Number
    • Google Analytics Connection
    • Call recordings
    • Visualized Data (pie charts tables graphs)
    • With a Business Profile PageWith a Business Profile Page Coupon data (views downloads)
    • Online Form Submission log
    • Site Backups
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same day they receive it

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of consumers remember seeing mail
sent to them in the last 4 weeks

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  • “Money Saver works for us. Every time the envelope hits the homes, we get immediate response. We’ll be using Money Saver Envelope as a regular part of our media buy from here on in.”

    Scott J.
    Scott J. Pleasant St.,Dartmouth NS
  • Thank you Money Saver Magazine for your business. We have increased sales by 30%! You guys are the best advertising magazine in Canada. Thank you guys again, and a big thank you to Gerry Behringer(Publisher) and support staff.

    Dimitri Portnoy
    Dimitri Portnoy Intelcrete Concrete
  • “With one mail-out of 15,000 solo cards, our Dental Clinic gained almost 100 new patients in just 2 weeks! This was the most effective advertising we spent our money on and we will be using them again very soon!”

    Shane Johnson
    Shane Johnson Parkway Dental