Precision Targeter

Get your message to the people that count for your business. Don’t waste your advertising budget talking to the wrong people.
Our Customer Demographic Analysis ensures your message reaches the right audience for your business.
At DRMG we offer you a free Demographic Analysis.

Your Targeting Options

Target Around a Location

A) Drive Distance – distance going around the location
B) Radius – a round ring circling around the selected location
C) Drive Time – include the surrounding area that is drivable within minutes
D) Buffer – when you want an area surrounding another

Target by Area

F) Postal (FSA)
G) Custom – draw out your preferred area

Choose your Audience

A) Age – select specific age groups to target
B) Age Female – select specific age groups within the female population to target
C) Age Male – select specific age groups within the male population to target
D) Building Occupancy – Property Owner or Renters
E) Building Type – house, apartment, duplex
F) Building Construction Period – select the time period in which your targets home was built
G) Education – no education, high school or equivalent, trades, college, university and more
H) Household Size – individual, couple or a family
I) Marital Status
J) Family Structure – with children at home, without children at home, common law family, male parent family and more
K) Children At Home Age – select the specific age of your targets children at home
L) Income – select the household income bracket of your target
M) Employment Status
N) Occupation – select the specify occupation field in which your target population falls
O) Immigrants Place of Birth

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