SoloDirect Mail

Postcards are your mini-billboard that drive online traffic, lead generation, and customers to your storefront.

  • Choose your area & audience using our FREE demographic analysis
  • Help build customer response and develop relationships by communicating 1-to-1 with a precision-targeted audience




Find the best neighbourhoods to target by using Demographic, Geographic and Address Type.



Design: Our team of Graphic Designers will design your Ad with you with expertise in over 40 industries.



Integrate your campaign with digital solutions to boost your direct mail campaign for even better results.



We do everything for you. We Design, We Print, We Deliver.

Combining the elements of physicality, data and connectivity to drive action, Canada Post’s Smartmail Marketing team researched how mail gets into the hands and into the homes.


The tangible elements of direct mail can increase your ability to drive action.


Tap into information about your customers to increase your effectiveness.


Use direct mail as part of your marketing mix to amplify your impact.

21% LESS mental effort used to process direct mail than digital media.

20% HIGHER motivation response to direct mail than digital media.

As you add sensory elements, your direct mail piece becomes more effective at engaging the brain.

66% of recipients KEEP MAIL they consider useful.

57% FEEL MORE VALUED when brands contact them through mail.

47% of recipients VISITED A STORE in reaction to direct mail.

43% of recipients ORDERED a product online.

64% of recipients VISITED an advertisers website.

54% ENGAGED with an advertisers social media platform.

Canada Post Smartmail Marketing Partner

Leverage the power of our network. 442 publishing zones, across 8 co-op publications, all hyper-locally targeting your customers! We deliver a targeted audience for local, regional & national advertisers.

  • Personalized Mailâ„¢
  • Neighbourhood Mailâ„¢
  • Postal Code Targeting

Research behind the science of activation.