• “I’ve been using Money Saver for years to get our deals and special out to the public. Being busy running a business its nice to have Colin who makes the set-up and delivery so easy and he’s always available quickly with an answer to any question. The Money Saver’s graphic artists are quick and make my ad stand out. Recently we attached call tracking to the ad and now we can see all the business that Colin’s hard work brings in, every day!”

    Andrew Simpson
    Andrew Simpson Aero Furnace, Duct & Chimney Cleaning
  • “Money Saver works for us. Every time the envelope hits the homes, we get immediate response. We’ll be using Money Saver Envelope as a regular part of our media buy from here on in.”

    Scott J.
    Scott J. Pleasant St.,Dartmouth NS
  • “Since trying Money Saver Magazine 5 years ago, we have noticed a steady increase in our revenue and customer base here at our Booster Juice Location in the Bramalea City Centre. As a franchisee owner, it is important to find cost effective advertising. DRMG, the parent company of the Money Saver Magazine, have been a pleasure to work with. From their design team to our contact agent Boss Antwi, they always get it right and at a fraction of the cost of other marketing channels. It is always satisfying when I see customers come in with our Money Saver ad in hand usually with a friend in tow, validating that we are getting our brand into the community. Thanks to Boss Antwi and his team, we have been able to achieve our business goals we set out to do 5 years ago. I look forward to continuing our professional relationship with Boss and DRMG. I can honestly say, we would not have reached our goals without the help of DRMG!”

    Rob Anderson.
    Rob Anderson. Booster Juice
  • “At Brock Doors and Windows, we believe in providing exceptional products and service to our customers. We expect the same from our suppliers. For advertising, our relationship with Direct Response Media Group goes back many years. There is reason that they are the leader in the shared media products advertising industry. With products including Money Saver Magazine, Home Saver Magazine and Money Saver Envelope, they deliver results. And every detail from ad design to placement in the magazines is meticulously executed. Most critical however is combination of their digital and traditional media have made this a totally integrated plan for us, allowing us to focus on closing the leads. Perfect.”

    Mike Nolet
    Mike Nolet Brock Doors and Windows
  • “We have been using Money Saver Envelope for years in Victoria, and every time the envelope is distributed by Canada Post we see a spike in business whether by phone calls or walk ins with the flyer in hand. We have tried other methods of advertising that do not perform as well as the shared media products flyers as we can measure our responses each time they go out and will continue to grow our business with DRMG each month.”

    Ken Greenwood
    Ken Greenwood Sun Shade Film Systems
  • “My advertising costs are fully covered within the first 2 weeks of the Money Saver Envelope reaching people’s mailboxes. When it’s about to be delivered, 14 of my stores prepare ahead by loading up on food and materials. Our ads come out looking fantastic and interesting every time. Each time the 500, 000 Money Saver Envelopes are distributed, my sales and customer count both increase and the number one reason they increase is because a lot of new customers will try us for the first time. In the last 3 years, I have seen a 15% increase year after year. What I really like about the Money Saver Envelope is that it is done on time, it shows up in the market on time and when it does show up....I can definitely tell. The numbers show it! It’s unbelievable! Even when compared to sales in the United States - I have the best sales team. Money Saver Envelope works for me for a very simple reason - everybody has a mailbox!”

    Mono Moitra
    Mono Moitra Churchs Chicken
  • “Thank you Money SaverMagazine for your business. We have increased sales by 30%! You guys are the best advertising magazine in Canada. Thank you guys again, and a big thank you to Gerry Behringer(Publisher) and support staff.”

    Dimitri Portnoy
    Dimitri Portnoy Intelcrete Concrete
  • “Natural Light Patio Covers is a 3 season sunroom company that has spread across Canada in the past number of years. The Manitoba growth started in 2012 and has grown here and is continuing to do so. Of course, we had to pursue dvertising avenues and Money Saver was a top choice for us. We met with Gerry Behringer a number of times and received friendly but professional advice and service. They were also willing to accommodate our needs and wants. The print jobs were amazingly clear and bright coloured! We were very pleased with this as we didn’t always get this from other companies. Any issues we had were dealt with promptly and to our satisfaction. The advertising itself worked great! Since it’s a spread out magazine, a lot of Manitoba residents saw us and called us. In a nutshell, we’ve had success advertising through this company. Definitely a ‘thumbs up’ and a big ‘thank you’ for all they’ve done!”

    Shanna Ravensbergen
    Shanna Ravensbergen Natural Light Patio Covers
  • “With one mail-out of 15,000 solo cards, our Dental Clinic gained almost 100 new patients in just 2 weeks! This was the most effective advertising we spent our money on and we will be using them again very soon!”

    Shane Johnson
    Shane Johnson Parkway Dental