Mother’s Day Marketing for Small Businesses

Mother’s Day is one of the busiest times for businesses. Mom’s special day is the third biggest ‘holiday’ of the year, generating $21.5 billion in 2018, and has seen large increases in consumer spending year-over-year. Small businesses shouldn’t shy away from mom’s special day, but instead, leverage the holiday for an opportunity to tap into customers’ share of wallet and increase sales. Though there’s less than a month until Mother’s Day, there is still time for you to organize your marketing strategies. Here are some simple Mother’s Day marketing tactics you can use for your small business:

Offer Promotions

Everyone loves saving money, and holiday promotions themes are always eye-catching. Try different price points or a percentage off to entice shoppers to purchase specific items. Offering a perceived value dramatically raises your average order cost. Ensure your advertising and communications bring attention to your sale by using  Mother’s Day copy and theme.

Make a Gift Guide

If you offer products or services that might be good gifts for Mother’s Day, preparing a gift guide and mailing it out can bring attention to your products or services. If your items aren’t traditional Mother’s Day gifts, you can use the guide to inform and persuade potential customers. For example, a spa or masseuse might send out a gift guide featuring their services as the perfect way to help mom relax.

Offer Gift Wrapping

It’s not just last-minute shoppers who love gift-wrapping services. Most people view gift wrapping as a chore. If possible, offer free wrapping in store or online which can increase added revenue on sales. Ensure the wrapping is thematic to Mother’s Day, use spring-inspired paper, flowers, notes to mom, etc.

Hold A “Bring Your Mom” Event

Increase foot traffic in your store by holding an event where moms can win prizes or get special deals. Children and husbands will want to indulge mom’s desire to shop on Mother’s Day, so advertise an event as a great experience and gift for mom.

Bundle Items For Convenience

Another way to make it easy for your customers to buy from you this Mother’s Day is to bundle items together, such as pre-wrapped thematic gifts. Product bundling increases the speed of sale as customers benefit from a single, value-oriented purchase with complementary offerings. A typical example is a flower shop offering pre-made Mother’s Day bouquets or a package of hand cream, wrinkle-formula, and cosmetics. Any business can create similar bundled packages – think of offers or services you can entice customers with.  

Make a Charitable Donation

Mother’s Day is an emotional holiday for many families, so it’s a great time to connect with your customers and show them your company cares. A great way to do this is to start a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative. For example, match purchases with a charitable donation that helps mothers or start a fundraiser in your local community. Thematic charities include women’s shelters, children’s hospitals, zoos or wildlife sanctuaries (where animals have recently given birth), charities that focus on women’s diseases, and more.

Shared Media Products Flyers

The best way to get the word out about any of these Mother’s Day promotions is to send shared media products. Design your mail piece as a Mother’s Day thank you to catch the eye and increase your response rate!

Direct Response Media Group offers customized shared media products flyers that can accommodate any Mother’s Day promotion. Customized graphics, persuasive copy, colour options and high-quality paper are all a part of your shared media products package. Start your Mother’s Day promotion today, contact us for a FREE quote!

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