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Campaign Tracking:
RMG Insight


Measure your advertising return by tracking calls and QR code scans in our DRMG Insight Analytics Dashboard.

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Business tablet using DRMG Insight software to track prospects
tracking calls and QR code scans

What is DRMG Insight?

DRMG Insight is an all-in-one tool that allows you to review your leads and qualify them in real time in order to evaluate and optimize your campaigns where needed.

Powerful Features

Why Use Campaign Tracking?

Prove Success & Optimize Your Ad Spend

A lot of marketers rely on instinct to understand which campaigns are performing. See results come in real-time and evaluate return on investment per campaign.

Evaluate Lead Quality and Experience

Easily score qualified and unqualified leads and listen to calls to see how leads are handled. Modify your advertising and inside sales experience based on key findings.

Gain Valuable

Utilize layers of demographic data provided by your campaign tracking in order to shape your future direct mail initiatives.

DRMG Insight

How it works

Request Call Tracking

Track all incoming calls from your Direct Mail campaign.

Request a QR Code

Track all scans to your website, landing page or App from your Direct Mail campaign.

Review and Qualify Leads

Give a simple thumbs up or thumbs down to let us know if a lead was good or not.

Analyze & Optimize

Review call and scan data and adjust accordingly.

Business Laptop using DRMG Insight software to track website traffic

DRMG Insight Dashboard

View time, date, and location data from QR code scans all in one place! Filter and export data to use for retargeting, planning mail routes, and more!


Our Digital Products

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Call Tracking

Add a call tracking number to your campaign to evaluate calls and the return on investment.

Request a number

Teen accessing business website by scanning QR code with smart phone

QR Code Integration

Add a QR code to your campaign to make your website or App one scan away.

Request a code

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Audience Analysis

Target customers based on first-party data, customer lists, or demographic data.

Request Analysis

our unique FEATURES

Integrating Insights with Our Print Products

Leverage digital integrations and targeting capabilities to increase and measure the return on your investment.

Money Saver Magazine featuring Church's Chicken, Uncle Ben's, Mr. Lube and Swiss Chalet

From National to Local brands, Home Improvement to Automotive, the Money Saver Magazine is a good fit for any business type and size.


Postcards featuring Door Dash, Midas, and Canadian Tire

Increase your response rate and have your brand stand out by communicating one-to-one with prospects through a solo postcard, menu, or brochure.


Get Started With DRMG Insight

Start attracting, engaging and retaining more customers at home, right in their mailbox.