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QR Code Tracking

Connect the physical and digital world with one scan to drive engagement and collect valuable data.

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QR Codes

How Does QR Code
Tracking Work?

Simply send us the link to your website, landing page or App Download and we’ll create a QR Code to place on your direct mail campaign!

Powerful Features

Why Use QR Codes on Direct Mail?


Connect Digital with
Direct Mail

With one simple scan, engage customers with the same message online and at home, in their mailbox. Consumers pay 39% more attention to integrated campaigns.


Build Relationships with Prospects & Customers

Use QR codes to refer customers to additional offers, loyalty programs, shopping carts, food delivery apps, and more. Incite action and track their journey, learning about them along the way.


Gain Valuable

Easily score qualified and unqualified leads and listen to calls to see how leads are handled. Modify your advertising and inside sales experience based on key findings.

Laptop showing DRMG Insight Dashboard on screen

DRMG Insight Dashboard

View time, date, and location data from QR code scans all in one place! Filter and export data to use for retargeting, planning mail routes, and more!


QR Codes and Print Products

Leverage digital integrations and targeting capabilities to increase and measure the return on your investment.

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Solo Postcard Mail

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Group of magazine products including Greater Toronto Living, Door Dash postcard, Money Saver Magazine, Home Saver, Money Saver Envelope


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We have been advertising with DRMG which has offered extensive services from designing, printing and distribution at one cost. As well, providing QR Codes and call tracking numbers, excellent tools to evaluate the campaigns. Our customers are very pleased that they received the flyer through their mailbox. There are new customers everyday with the help from DRMG.”

Get Started With QR Code Tracking

Start attracting, engaging and retaining more customers at home, right in their mailbox.