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Home Saver Magazine

Toronto’s trusted guide for affluent personal and home improvement products and services.

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Home Saver Magazine

Is Your Business a Fit?

From Regional to Local Home Improvement businesses in the GTA, our Home Saver Magazine reaches your target market.

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Why Home Saver Magazine?

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Share Costs Through Co-Op Mail

Expand your coupon’s reach and target consumers nationally with our most cost-effective product.

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Target Homeowners

Our Home Saver targets homes with household incomes over $100,000 and hits mailboxes in line with Ontario homeowners buying habits.

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Increase Response Through Multichannel Campaigns

Consumers pay 39% more attention to campaigns that integrate Digital with Direct Mail than single-media campaigns.

Compare our products

What Product Works Best For You?

Compare our Direct Mail products by Areas Served, Reach, Issues per Year, Targeting Capabilities, and More.

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Home Saver Magazine

Home Saver Magazine Specifications

7 Times per Year

4 Distribution Zones

Reaching over
800 Thousand Homes

Coupon distribution of over
4 Million Homes per Year

Home Saver Magazine Distribution Maps 2024

  • ONTARIO 2024


Home Saver Magazine Ontario 2024

DRMG Digital Features

Target Audiences & Track Campaigns

Leverage digital integrations and targeting capabilities to
increase and measure the return on your investment.

Call Tracking

Add a call tracking number to your campaign to evaluate calls and the return on investment from your Direct Mail campaign all in our DRMG Insight platform.

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QR Code Tracking

Leverage QR Codes to make your website or App one scan away and gain valuable consumer insight through scan data in our DRMG Insight platform.

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Audience Targeting

Target customers based on our demographic data available for each Zone including population characteristics, income brackets, and household details.

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Mom and child sitting while holding money saver magazine, smiling in living room
Artwork Specifications

Home Saver Magazine Specs

Cover Size Options

Home Saver Front Cover
6" x 6.25"
(0.25" Bleed)
Home Saver Cover Bar
2.65" x 2.8"
Home Saver Half Cover Bar
2.65" x 1.3"
Home Saver Back Cover
6" x 10.875"
(0.25" Bleed)


Home Saver Full Page
6" x 10.875"
(0.25" Bleed)
Home Saver Half Page
5.5" x 5.06"
Home Saver Double Page Spread
12" x 10.875"
(0.25" Bleed)

Thank you Home Saver for their efficient and effective advertising. The beginning of the Roofing season is always busy and challenging, Home Saver made the advertising process quick, efficient and simple. This has been a great investment of time and money.

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