Know Where Your Money’s Going: Shared Media Products Tracking 101

Direct mail gives one of the best ROI's out of any marketing tool out there. Do you know what your ROI is? Are your measuring your returns properly?

Now in the world of marketing, shared media products are one of the most important advertising strategies that you must include in your marketing campaigns. This is especially so now that the World Wide Web plays an increasingly important role when it comes to the buying response of the consumers. Right now, both traditional and digital marketing campaigns are bringing new opportunities but also new sets of challenges.

Shared media products marketing is among the many digital marketing techniques that are significant for its ability to target an audience. But shared media products do not involve simply hiring a direct mail provider, choosing your email’s design, sending it to your audience and then just waiting for customers to suddenly roll in. You need to have a diligent plan on what to measure to ensure that your company’s marketing efforts actually bring a considerable return on investment.

On that note, it will do you good if you would learn about different ways in which you can track the results of your shared media product campaigns. Here are some of them:

Put a special website URL on your print ad and monitor website traffic to that page

Putting URLs is one of the coolest and most accurate ways in which you can track down the responses to your shared media products. By redirecting them to a website, you can use various tools in order to track down the traffic to the website via the URL and then voila! You will know sooner than expected how many people responded to your campaign.

Use call tracking numbers and monitor phone calls

Aside from URL, putting call tracking phone numbers on your shared media products piece is also one of the effective and simplest ways to track down the response to your shared media products. These calls can be easily tracked and then monitored.

Add coupons to track in-store redemptions

Tracking coupons is also one of the most effective ways to measure responses to your ads, but it can be hard work when it comes to ensuring you have created a strong coupon and have aligned all in-store personnel to recorded redemptions. By including coupons together with your shared media products and then monitoring if those coupons are used in-store, then you will be able to know the response rate to your mail. Your coupons can be used online too, to enhance the digital experience and create more incentives for visitors.

Distribute Feedback forms

When it comes to marketing campaigns, feedback is vital to know how your prospects, old and new customers, perceive you and your advertising. If they do not give you their feedback on their own, you can simply send them feedback forms or sent them a follow-up email to ask directly for what they have to say.

Conduct Data Analysis

If you hire a professional shared media products provider, one of their services would be to provide you with robust data of the shared media products which you can analyze and compare to your customer database. By conducting an analysis of the data provided to you, then you will be able to see just how many from those in your mailing list have been converted to esteemed customers.

These are only some of the ways in which you can trace the response of your shared media campaigns. This way, you will be able to figure out whether your marketing efforts truly were successful or not.


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