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Promote your dental practice with our turnkey shared & solo direct mail options. Designed, printed, delivered - and at a fraction of the price compared to traditional direct mail.


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Challenges facing Dental Professionals today.

Recent events had a direct impact on your practice, and could change how you operate going forward. As the world works through the recovery phase, marketing will be a key to reconnecting with clients and building your practice. You need to be savvy in order to win in this new landscape – and it all starts with better understanding it.


Recent events have caused unparalleled disruptions to health and wellness practitioners like you, impacting your practice and your clients. And there are other potential disruptions to the way you run your practice, including virtual visits and sessions. Recovery, and capitalizing on what could be an increased focus on health and wellness present both challenges and opportunities.

Increased competition

As the economy recovers, competition for new patients and clients will be as fierce as ever – likely more so. There are close to 16,000 dental practices in Canada...it’s a crowded market, with more practices competing for patients and clients than ever before.

Appealing to Demographics

Your marketing needs to resonate with different audiences and for different reasons. Millennials are in a new life stage, potentially have jobs with benefits for the first time and are looking for services for themselves and perhaps for their new family or for their aging parents. Increasing numbers of newcomers to our country are also looking to establish relationships with health and wellness providers. 

Multiple marketing channels

Connecting with prospects and clients has never been more important – nor more complex. Will investing in digital and social channels deliver profitable returns? What’s the best way to reach new patients and clients? What’s the best way to build your relationship with them and retain their business? And of course, what’s the best way to reach other practitioners who could refer patients and clients to you?

- Parkway Dental Testimonial Twitter

Yes, you’re facing challenges and challenging times. But keep reading! We’ll show you how direct mail can be used, targeted and integrated with other marketing channels to help you better connect with prospects and clients that are vital to you and your bottom line.


How direct mail can boost your practice

When it comes to dental services, direct mail is unlike any other marketing channel. It cuts through the advertising clutter and gives you what you need most – results. That’s why even in this digital age direct mail remains a vital component of your marketing mix. Realizing results from direct mail rests on your ability to define your best prospects and use the approach most aligned with your objectives.


The numbers: Research shows that when direct mail is part of your marketing mix, you will drive 39% more attention, 10% higher brand recall, and 5% greater emotional response.

The insight: Direct mail can deliver your message to every house, condo, apartment and business in your area and across the country.

The tip: Use direct mail to reach everyone in your area that meets your criteria, including medical practices and other businesses that can offer referrals. You may want to include a recent, high quality photo of yourself to start building a feeling of familiarity.


The numbers: 79% of Canadians save direct mail received in their mailbox, while 34% of Canadians always or sometimes display advertising mail of interest to them in their homes.

The insight: Simply put, direct mail puts your name and brand directly into your prospects’ hands. Because it lingers in the home, your direct mail will continue to work for you until your prospects are ready to reach out.

The tip: Be sure to include a strong call to action so prospects know what you want them to do.


The numbers: 68% of Canadians say they are likely to share advertising received in their mailbox.

The insight: Your direct mail can reach beyond those who receive it, resulting in referrals from existing patients and clients.

The tip: The Canada Post Personalized MailTM service is a direct way to reach existing patients and clients–and to offer them incentives for referring a friend.


The numbers: 64% of consumers visited a website after receiving direct mail and 54% engaged with social media after receiving direct mail.

The insight: Consumers, especially younger cohorts like millennials, prefer to research online before making decisions on practitioners. You’ve invested in a website and probably a social media presence as ways to extend your brand and demonstrate your knowledge and credibility. Direct mail is a proven way to create top-of-mind awareness and drive prospects to your website.

The tip: Use direct mail to encourage website visits for more information.

Target Your Ideal Customer
Leverage Canada Post, Pelmorex, Environics, or first-party data to target by building type, household income, family type, and much more.
Engage customers with the same message online and at home, in their mailbox. Consumers pay 39% more attention to integrated campaigns.
One Size Does Not Fit All
We have postcard options and sizes for every industry, whether you are a restaurant with a menu or a landscaping company with a brochure.
A Selection Publication Specifications

Reaching Millenials, Boomers and new Canadians

Finding the people that you most want to target is a critical success factor for you. We can help you achieve this goal, thanks to our free and easy-to-use turnkey solution, Precision Targeter. It helps you home in on prospects with the most potential to become customers. With its interactive maps and rich demographic data such as age, income, education and marital status, Precision Targeter can filter searches based on 14 demographic categories so that campaigns are more likely to resonate with the kind of prospects that make the most sense for your practice. Some examples:



Within the first 15 years of entering the workforce, Canadians tend to transition to new life stages. They get a job with a steady income and health benefits for the first time. The may have a partner and start a new family and start realizing the importance of the health care decisions they’re making for themselves and others. To target this important cohort with Precision Targeter, you could select these filters:

Age range: 20-37

Household income: $80,000+

Marital status: Married, common law



The Boomer cohort is retiring and starting to need more health and wellness services. Their eye health may be changing, their hearing could require monitoring, dental is more important than ever...To target this cohort with Precision Targeter, you could select these filters:

Age range: 60+

Household income: $100,000+

Marital status: Married

“Out of all the different forms of advertising that we have used in the past, these [Solo Direct Mail] are the best for attracting new customers.”

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