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DIRECT MAIL products

Direct Mail Marketing for Your Restaurant

Promote your restaurant with our turnkey shared direct mail options. Designed, printed, delivered - and at a fraction of the price compared to traditional direct mail.

Restaurant Marketing
Sizeable Cost Savings

Why Use Direct Mail for Restaurant Marketing?

While digital marketing dominates the landscape, direct mail offers unique advantages for restaurants:

Targeted Reach

Direct mail allows you to target specific neighbourhoods, demographics, or customer segments based on postal codes, income levels, or purchase history. This ensures your message reaches the most relevant audience.

Tangible Impact

In a world filled with fleeting online ads, a physical piece of mail stands out. It creates a tactile experience that can feel more personal and memorable than a digital message.

Lower Cost

Shared mail products allow multiple advertisers to lower the cost to 1/4 of other direct mail options by sharing the costs of delivery and print by combining their ads into one magazine, envelope or wrap.

Measurable Results

You can track the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign by including trackable elements like coupons with unique codes or QR codes that link to your website or online ordering platform.

“I don’t believe that direct mail will ever be replaced. You can’t refute the evidence that we got from our lift.”

Direct Mail

Recommended Restaurant Marketing Products

Unique restaurant marketing solutions for every sized business. Learn what products will give you the best ROI!

Money Saver Magazine front cover and inside spread with cpuons and full page ad

Money Saver Magazine

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Money Saver Envelope Wrap with Arby's and flap stacked on top of other Money Saver Envelope versions

Money Saver Envelope

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Teryaki postcard with Harvey's coupon and Mr. Lubebrochure

Solo Postcard

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Don't just listen to us, hear what our clients say first hand!

Rita, Vice President of Marketing at Mr. Sub & Country Style
James Cooper, Vice President Operations at FreshSlice Pizza

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To encourage downloads of QR codes and awareness across all Franchises in the GTA.


Once first franchise location signed on with DRMG, a QR code was added to the offers.  This increased sales both in store and through Skip The Dishes.  With real time data to show the success, additional franchise locations have signed on, 6 to date and growing to a potential 19 in total.

  • Offer: Multiple offers to provide client’s with options that suit their needs
  • Shared Mail: Prioritized zones within the GTA
    • Money Saver Magazine Half Page Ad, Full Page Ad, Full Cover Bar 

1,000 + coupon views in less than 2 years.  Campaign has now expanded to 6 locations in total today and growing!


The Ultimate Guide to Direct Mail for Restaurants

Unleash the power of direct mail for restaurants! This guide unlocks creative strategies, design tips & best practices to boost sales & brand loyalty. Take your restaurant marketing to the next level!




To increase brand recognition and add additional franchise locations within the Niagara region.


Work with the first location that opened in 2005 to start advertising in Money Saver Magazine and measure the foot traffic coming in.

  • Offer: Multiple coupon offers to provide customers with specials and weekday specific offers
  • Shared Mail: Prioritized zones within the Niagara Region
    • Money Saver Magazine Half Page Ad, Full Cover Bar

Expanded to 3 Franchise Locations that extend throughout the Niagara region.

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Targeting & Analytics

One-Stop-Shop For Restaurant Marketing

Our direct mail campaigns are designed, printed, and delivered. Plus, we offer complimentary campaign tracking through call tracking and QR codes - all in an easy-to-use dashboard.

We send email communication, then a direct mail piece, then we pump it up with another email or social outreach. We have great redemption compared to digital only. That integrated approach delivers greater results than any channel by itself.

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