Is Direct Mail Marketing Effective for Millennials?

Many believe the millennial generation is mostly influenced by digital marketing. However, new evidence proves this is a misconception. Case studies have found that millennials are better reached through direct mail than social media or email. Here are a few reasons millennials are drawn to direct mail marketing.

Many believe that the millennial generation is mostly influenced and persuaded by digital marketing. However, new evidence proves this is simply a misconception.  In fact, case studies have found that millennials are better reached through direct mail than by email or social media. Here are a few of the reasons millennials are drawn to direct mail marketing.

Who Are Millennials?

Pew Research Center defines millennials as those born between 1981 and 1996. Most consider the generation to be those who saw the rise of the internet as children, which means they are now at least in their 20s, while the oldest among the group are approaching their 40s.

It’s estimated millennials in the older age bracket are married and half of those have children. These are people who have taken on the mantle of family decision making. If your business is trying to reach this demographic then direct mail is a smart choice. Direct mail is familiar to millennials – as children, they saw their parents receive direct mail, and now as adults who are running their own households this demographic is responding positively to direct mail marketing.

In fact, 73 percent of millennials use direct mail coupons for their purchases. In the last three months, 63 percent of millennials responded to direct mail and made a purchase.

Why Are Millennials Attracted to Direct Mail Marketing?

It’s counter-intuitive to think of the digital generation as direct mail lovers, but consider how you feel when you get an exciting piece of physical mail. In a digital world, physical mail stands out. It seems more official, genuine and important than anything received by email.

While email influences 78 percent of millennials, 92 percent are influenced by direct mail. Most millennials read their mail immediately because they find it important, reliable and entertaining.

Consider universities, who have to attract young people. These institutions spend decades catering to millennials, and they still send out physical acceptance letters and information pamphlets to their applicants. As one millennial explained, emails are overwhelming and constant. Since they get so few pieces of physical mail, what they do receive catches their attention right away.

The Best Direct Mail Marketing for Millennials

There are techniques you can use to have your direct mail marketing stand out more to millennials. Research from InfoTrends reveals that millennials prefer their mail to be personalized. This suggests that you should engage millennials with their interests, make your value proposition clear from the start, and even use their first name to catch their eye.

Millennials, especially those who are older, are more influenced by the quality of the paper and the use of colour in direct mail marketing. Comparatively, millennials are generally more influenced by the use of colour than other generations. Furthermore, keep your direct mail amusing as they find entertaining pieces more appealing and will want to seek out more information.

At Direct Response Media Group, we can help you target more millennials with professional direct mail marketing. Our team can produce creative campaigns that will get you measurable results. Contact us or call 1 (833) 749-0405 to get started!


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