Create More Intelligent Campaigns with DRMG Insight

Data can help your business grow. Learn how your company can begin to create smarter campaigns with DRMGs proprietary software.

Imagine a world where you can gain insight into your business, into your sales and into your business’ strengths and weaknesses with the click of a button. This world exists and it is right at your fingertips through DRMG Insight. Studies show that one of the largest obstacles that businesses face is evaluating ROI from their traditional and digital advertising campaigns. We strive to ensure our clients are getting the best results from their campaigns, and that’s why we created our proprietary software: DRMG Insight.

Creating a more intelligent campaign is now easier than ever. In one simple dashboard, you can access results and statistics for each marketing effort you have in place, whether or not it is shared media products or Digital Ads. This tool allows you to truly understand your marketing ROI, no matter the size of your business.  

When your business invests in shared media products campaign or a Digital campaign, your website traffic, phone calls and web form leads will be tracked through the DRMG Insight platforms. Through a unique call tracking number associated with each campaign, you’ll be able to attribute each lead to a specific campaign. Now the guessing game is gone, and to be honest, this wasn’t a game we were too fond of!

However, as you know, there isn’t always have just one campaign running at a time, so don’t track just one at a time! With Insight, you are able to lock in specific shared media products dates so you can accurately attribute success to campaigns and simultaneously monitor your digital leads through calls, website traffic and visitors.

Tracking direct mail

Now that you’ve gathered all this data, it’s time to put it to use. You can take any and all of the information you’ve gained from the platform to help shape your marketing strategy. Through DRMG Insight, you will be able to see if someone is answering your lead calls and if they are answering them well. This is the first touch point for your leads and if your business is not answering the leads at all, they will soon move on to a competitor. Similarly, if you are not answering it well, the customer won’t get the information they are looking for and won’t convert. These small bits of insight can make a world of difference to the value of your leads and your ability to increase your ROI.

But that’s not all, folks! Start analyzing further through custom reports to find your peak seasons, peak call days and call times. This information will allow you to begin to plan your working hours and schedules better and more efficiently. Directly in the platform, you can score your leads with the click of a button and evaluate the success of your campaign instantly. If only unqualified leads are coming in, change your ads! Analyze the copy, look at your targeting and make adjustments to improve your marketing campaign.

With DRMG Insight, the potential for educated improvement is endless. Once you add DRMG Insight to your next campaign, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

It’s a no-brainer, your marketing should be shaped with Insight.


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