3 Tips to Capture Consumers Attention with Solo Direct Mail

Solo mail is a valuable marketing tool to get your message out to select audiences. DRMG can help add solo direct mail to your marketing plan this year.

Direct mail postcards, also referred to as solo mail, is an extremely valuable marketing tool for any business. Solo direct mail allows you to share your brand and get important information into the hands of your targeted and specific audience. With close to 16 million unduplicated addresses in Canada, you can complement your solo mail campaign with shared mail to produce an even greater return on investment.

Solo mail can also be targeted to circulate around certain geographic areas. For example, if you’re a home improvement business, you can focus on getting your company’s information out to areas surrounding job sites and infiltrate where your customers are. This marketing strategy offers diversity in that it can be adjusted to suit your unique goals. Solo mail is ideal for campaigns with a reach as low as 500 unique addresses or those requiring national coverage, plus it’s a particularly strong choice when looking to target condos and apartments.

Know the 40-40-20 Rule

Before venturing into using solo direct mail for your business, you must understand the 40-40-20 Rule. This Rule is broken down like this:

40% mailing list – A mailing list of potential customers is an excellent way to get your message out to just a few select homes or every home in Canada. Again, this gives you options when deciding if you want to connect with a smaller targeted group of people or cast out a large net and reach as many people as possible.

40% promotional offer – Promotional materials are a fantastic way to draw in new customers or refresh your current customer base with what’s new and exciting about your business. Ensure the offer is unique and relevant to your audience. Promotional offers also double as a tracking mechanism. Whether it’s a phone number, URL, or coupon code, they can help you determine the success of an offer.

20% format – It doesn’t matter if it’s direct mail solo cards (postcards) or print ads on flyers, the design and copy on the direct mail piece must strongly convey the message you’re trying to get across. Before sending anything out, be sure to ask yourself a few questions first. Does the design encourage interaction? Does it inspire action? All solo mail must be tactically designed to get the best possible results.

Take Advantage of Different Formats

You have a few options for choosing your solo mail format. Each option offers different benefits and can be used in various ways.

Solo cardsSolo cards are a type of postcard that provides you with a lot of possibilities. You can have one large message or break your message down using a three or four-panel design. Solo cards are incredibly cost-effective, don’t require an envelope and can be created in different sizes.

Flyers – Flyers are a popular version of solo direct mail due to their flexibility; they’re available in a number of different options including 3-panels, 4-panels and extra-large size. Flyers are also very malleable and can be printed on both sides to get multiple messages across.

Incorporate Technology

Although solo mail is an established form of marketing, it can garner a more significant response when technology is incorporated. Here are three ways to incorporate technology into your solo mail campaign:
QR codes – Add a scannable QR code with a custom and personalized URL. Doing so provides each customer with a tangible benefit to opening the mail. QR codes also allow you to track your return on investment (ROI) and receive quantifiable data about how successful your campaign was, compare success in different geographical regions, and identify ways to alter future campaigns.

DRMG Insight –A solo direct mail campaign is only as successful as the response data you can get back. We offer a mini-CRM right at your fingertips. Packed with current, up-to-date data, with DRMG Insight you have the power to adjust your campaign for future mailings, based on real-time figures ensuring your campaign is always nimble and efficient.

Call Tracking – You can measure the response from your campaign by attaching a distinctive number for each piece of direct mail you send out. Doing so allows you to see your leads as they come in, make follow-up notes, and export your lead data to facilitate a successful solo direct mail campaign.

Interested in learning more? Contact a DRMG sales rep to start your solo mail campaign today!


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