FAQ About Shared media products

Find out FAQ about Direct Mail marketing to better understand a wide term that is applied to sending a range of marketing materials sent through the mail.

Any truly comprehensive modern marketing strategy needs to incorporate shared media products. But what is shared media products exactly, and how does it work?

Direct mail marketing is a wide term that is applied to sending a range of marketing materials (including newsletters, sales letters, coupons, brochures, postcards and more) sent through the mail to a targeted group of people.

How does shared media products marketing work?

Your shared media products marketing partner will work with your business to determine the most effective materials to send to a specific group of people. Choosing who receives your shared media products materials is as important as the materials themselves. Thankfully, modern technology and techniques mean that shared media products marketing is more targeted than ever before. Building a targeted and effective mailing list is half the battle. The recipe for shared media products success also includes these important ingredients:

  • A great product
  • Captivating copy
  • Professional graphics
  • A discount that’s too good to resist

Does shared media products marketing work?

Absolutely. If shared media products marketing didn’t work it wouldn’t be so popular, but the best way to answer this question is to throw some questions back at you. Have you ever received shared media products marketing materials? Did you pick them up? Look at them? Decide if you wanted them or not? Even if you decided that you didn’t care about the materials you still took the time to pick them up, hold them, flip through them, and maybe even keep a few.  We are willing to bet that on more than one occasion shared media products even influenced your purchasing decision.

Why does shared media products marketing work?

Direct mail marketing puts your branded materials directly into the homes of people who are statistically most likely to respond positively to them. Unlike annoying pop-up ads, TV ads that people skip through, or a billboard you pass on the highway; shared media products puts a physical object in your potential clients’ homes. They look it over, decide if it is useful and in most cases usually ends up on the counter, table, or fridge for days, weeks or longer as a reminder for them.

Why is shared media products marketing still relevant?

Direct mail has been around for a long time. It outlasted the emergence of radio, television, the Internet, and now social media. Direct mail has survived and thrived for one reason – it works. Believe it or not, today there are still individuals and businesses that are not online (or not online as much as you). This is why even Google, a name synonymous with silicone valley, often uses shared media products to reach new potential clients.

How does shared media products integrate new technology and marketing developments?

Direct mail has evolved with technology. It is now more targeted and integrated with digital media than ever before. Direct mail can be used to redirect people to websites, landing pages, social media accounts, and other digital properties either by posting an address or through the use of a QR code. When a user scans the QR code with their smartphone, it takes them directly to the web address that you designate.


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