Boost Direct Mail Campaigns with QR Codes

Extend the reach and impact of your campaign while also collecting valuable engagement and customer data. With a single scan, direct users to your website, download a coupon or book an appointment.

Did you know?
5.3 Billion coupons will be redeemed by QR Code by 2022*
*USPS Print digital study, 2020

What is a QR Code?

A QR (Quick Response) Code is an encrypted barcode that can be scanned by a smartphone to open webpage links, videos, coupons and other details that are valuable to your customer.

QR Code Uses

HTML icon
Website/Landing Page
gift voucher icon
Coupon Download
download icon
App Download
menu icon
calendar icon
youtube icon
business card icon
Busness Card
facebook icon
Social Media
location icon
Location Map

User Data & Tracking

Leverage customer data to improve future campaigns & retarget users that scanned online, including scans by location, device and date.

Scan by Location

map of QR Code locations

Scan by Date

Chart of QR Codes by dates

Scan by Device

Pie chart of QR Code by devices

Start Generating More Leads for Your Business with QR Codes Today!

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