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Direct Mail Marketing for Real Estate

Promote your real estate business with our turnkey shared & solo direct mail options. Designed, printed, delivered - and at a fraction of the price compared to traditional direct mail.


Guaranteed Distribution to Mailbox

Sizeable Cost Savings

Why Use Direct Mail for Real Estate Marketing?

While digital marketing dominates the landscape, direct mail offers unique advantages for buyer & seller leads:


When you add direct mail to your digital campaigns, you drive 39% more attention, 10% higher brand recall and 5% greater emotional response. Top agents use direct mail throughout the year to ensure past and potential clients have a physical reminder of who they can turn to when it’s time to buy or sell a home.


57% of consumers feel more valued when brands contact them through mail. You can build trust by reinforcing your experience and featuring your successes. Agents do these by sending direct mail items that showcase recent sales and satisfied clients.


79% of Canadians save direct mail received in their mailbox, while 34% of Canadians always or sometimes display advertising mail of interest to them in their homes. Whether it’s to attend an open house or to contact you, include a clear call to action that’s easy to locate on the mailer, so recipients know exactly what they’re supposed to do.


68% of Canadians say they are likely to share advertising received in their mailbox. A single direct mail piece can live well beyond the day of delivery. When people receive a relevant item in the mail, they’ll keep it, display it and even share it with others.

The reason brokers use direct mail is that it works. It works even better if done properly. This means repetition, clear & concise info, a clear name and phone number and well-taken photos.”

Target Your Ideal Customer
Leverage Canada Post, Pelmorex, Environics, or first-party data to target by building type, household income, family type, and much more.
Engage customers with the same message online and at home, in their mailbox. Consumers pay 39% more attention to integrated campaigns.
One Size Does Not Fit All
We have postcard options and sizes for every industry, whether you are a restaurant with a menu or a landscaping company with a brochure.
A Selection Publication Specifications

Your secret weapon

Finding the buyers and sellers that you most want to target is a critical success factor for you. We can help you achieve this goal, thanks to our free and easy-to-use turnkey solution, Precision Targeter.

It’s the solution real estate agents turn to when they want to narrow in on the most likely prospective buyers and sellers living in the neighbourhoods within which they operate. 

With its interactive maps and rich demographic data, it can filter searches from a choice of 14 demographic categories, such as age, income, education, marital status, home value, renting vs. home ownership. For agents, that means creating profiles that enable them to target potential clients like upsizers, downsizers, new Canadians and millennials.

Target your ideal audience using over 1000+ data points - Twitter Post

With Precision Targeter, you can prioritize where to target your messaging in a specific neighbourhood. It can help you turn potential buyers into actual buyers.


Reaching upsizers,downsizers and new Canadians

Millennials are just one segment that real estate agents can target. But there are other valuable groups of Canadians to reach. Canadian home buying and selling behaviours are often triggered by key life stage milestones that fall into two categories: upsizers and downsizers. You can easily target these groups using Precision Targeter and execute campaigns that deliver results.



Within the first 15 years of entering the labour force, Canadians tend to transition to new life stages, namely marriage and growing families, that motivate them

to seek larger homes. To target these upsizers in Precision Targeter you could select these filters:

Age range: 20-39
Household income: $80,000+
Marital status:
Married, common law


Many older Canadians experience changing living needs. This includes empty-nesters and snowbirds transitioning to single-level housing and condos or leaving the home ownership market entirely after retirement. You could target downsizers using these Precision Targeter filters:

Age range: 50+
Household income: $60,000+
Building occupancy: Own

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The Ultimate Guide to Direct Mail for Real Estate

Unleash the power of direct mail for real estate marketing! This guide unlocks creative strategies, design tips & best practices to boost sales & brand loyalty. Take your restaurant marketing to the next level!


When they have something in their hands it means more.

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Targeting & Analytics

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Our direct mail campaigns are designed, printed, and delivered. Plus, we offer complimentary campaign tracking through call tracking and QR codes - all in an easy-to-use dashboard.

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