5 Ways to Boost Your Shared Mail Response Rate

DRMG, a top Toronto Direct Mail agency, offers their best tips to boost your direct mail marketing response rates and maximize your success.

After so many valuable hours that are spent putting together your Shared media products marketing campaign, it’s only natural to crave and hope for strong results. Understandably, a positive and strong response rate is critical and it’s an end result that any business hopes to achieve.

What is a direct mail response rate

In a nutshell, a response rate reflects the percentage of people who respond to your mailing.

How to determine your direct mail response rate

To determine your response rate, you simply add up the number of responses that your mailing generates, and then divide that number by the quantity that was mailed out.

Here is an example: 300 responses divided by 5,000 pieces mailed = 6% response rate.

How to increase your direct mail response rate

To help you and your company achieve success, here are five ways you can help boost the overall response rate of your next Shared media products marketing campaign:

1. Provide more than one way to respond
Give your readers every conceivable way to reach you and respond to your campaign; whether it’s a phone, email, or fax. Basically, everything besides a carrier pigeon! This way, they will be able to use whatever form of communication is most convenient for them to respond. No excuses can possibly be made!

2. Make sure you have a call to action
It’s essential that you give your readers written instruction on what to do next after they open and read your mail-out.  If you don’t include a call to action, and instructions for what to do next, then unfortunately your reader will likely ignore your marketing material, and move onto the next piece of mail in their pile. Here is an example of an effective call to action: “Call us today for a free consultation, just for inquiring about our services!”

3. Sell a solution instead of a generic product
To generate a greater response, it’s important that you position your company as a solution provider, not just a service or product provider. How do you do this? It’s quite simple: use before and after photos, product demonstration, case studies, testimonials, etc…all of these are great ways to showcase how you can offer a solution that your readers are after!Direct Response Media Group

4. Tug on the reader’s emotions
To gain a response, push the emotional hot buttons of your target audience! There are certain words that are extremely powerful and trigger emotional hot buttons. Some of these words include Love, money, safety, health, free. Try to use these words or similar ones in your headline, sales copy or your compelling call to action.

5. Stand out from the rest
Whether you choose an eye-catching design, bold colours, or stand-out text, make sure that your piece of mail stands out! Think of it this way: if your mail is generic and like any other piece of junk mail, it’ll get handled like everything else (meaning that most likely; it will be put in the trash without even being opened).

For more help or assistance on this subject please refer to the Direct Response Media Group (DRMG) website or give us a call today!


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