The Essentials for Your Next Flyer Mailing

Direct Mail Flyers remain an effective and cost efficient platform to spread the word and advertise your business.

Print remains an effective and cost-efficient platform to spread the word and advertise your business. However, flyers have been getting a bad rap due to poorly created flyers. Consequently, this skews the way businesses think of using shared media product flyer campaigns. When you create a flyer with these golden rules you will capture the results your business has been searching for all along. DRMG ensures nothing but excellence is sent to print.

1. Include a great image

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again, pictures are worth a thousand words. The imagery that you include in your flyer is the first thing the viewer will interact with. This is your first impression, it’s your opportunity to put your best foot forward.

2. Your headline is key

Your flyers headline will present your offer or benefit to the potential customer. Crafting a perfect headline will increase your flyers life span and deter the reader from throwing it in the trash. Try including words that connect with a reader or uncommon words to grab their attention.

shared media products flyer drmg

3. Dish the details!

Your flyer should provide details on your offer and services. The customer will be able to view your flyer and know exactly how you will solve their problem or satisfy their needs. Among these details, you should also outline your address, phone number and hours of operation in order to help the customer convert.


4. Give them an offer they can’t refuse

If the potential customer is on the fence, providing them with an offer can help sweeten the deal. Your offer has the opportunity to be spread by word of mouth and increase the effectiveness of your flyer.

5. Track it!

Another important detail to include in your flyer is a tracking number or trackable URL.  Adding in these important elements will allow you to determine the success of each flyer campaign you release. Tracking, easily allows you  to compare images, headlines and offers that received more traction. This will help you build a better, and smarter campaign every time.


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