Direct Response Media Group Announces New Partnership with Valpak of Canada

Direct Response Media Group is proud to announce its new partnership with Valpak of Canada. To learn more about this means for the future, click here.


Direct Response Media Group Announces New Partnership with Valpak of Canada

Canadian shared media products powerhouse DRMG solidifies a 20-year partnership with Valpak.  40% revenue increases projected.

Oakville, ON, (April 13, 2016) — Today, Direct Response Media Group (DRMG) announced the signing of a Master Franchise Agreement, which gives DRMG full authority to sign new Valpak of Canada franchisees within the Canadian market.

This unique 20-year partnership offers a powerful integration between these two shared media products powerhouses. DRMG now has access to 40-million unduplicated homes monthly across the USA to its existing Canadian print and digital footprint. With the new agreement, an increase of 40% revenues is projected through expansion into central and western Canada.

DRMG continues to expand its partnership network to bring the best integrated shared media products and digital programs to its customers. Partnering with Valpak, North America’s largest cooperative shared media products company perfectly aligns with this goal.

“This long-term partnership with Valpak expands our reach and aligns our two organizations in the shared media products and digital marketing landscape and also allows us to help more Canadian businesses gain additional customers and increase sales,” said Jason Bradbury, President of DRMG. “The depth of Valpak as an organization allows us to further develop our offerings in the digital space through cross-syndication of our print, mobile and web properties.”

“This alliance is the first of its kind in Valpak history, and we are thrilled,” said Rick McElwain, Executive Vice President of Franchise Development at Valpak. “The partnership reflects the best possible opportunities for Valpak and DRMG, with the best possible savings for the consumers of Canada. We are excited about the tremendous prospects for business owners to increase their return on investment on direct marketing by combining the forces and expertise from both companies.”

Beyond shared media products, both companies have vast expertise in digital marketing and shared media products combined to deliver massive marketing value to businesses across Canada.

About DRMG

Direct Response Media Group (DRMG) was founded in 2003 and is one of the largest direct marketing companies in Canada. DRMG reaches over 5.5 million unduplicated households monthly via the Money Saver Magazine® and Money Saver Envelope® with total circulation annually of 150 million homes in solo and shared mail products. DRMG inspires customers to action with a powerful mix of targeted shared media products and digital campaigns that combine the physical experience with integrated digital options. The DRMG approach seamlessly blends the print and digital elements making its customers marketing mixes more relevant and more engaging. For more information about advertising with DRMG, call 1(833) 749-0405 or online through and sites. Get a closer look at how shared media products can work for you by visiting

About Valpak®

Valpak is at the heart of communities across North America, helping people save, businesses grow and neighborhoods thrive through a network of local franchises in the U.S. and Canada. Valpak marketing consultants live and work in your neighborhood. We know what your customers want (we are them!) and can help you take the guesswork out of advertising with real-world marketing solutions that drive measurable results. From the mailbox to online to mobile devices, Valpak continues to find innovative ways to connect businesses with consumers. Monthly, close to 39 million homes receive our Blue Envelope of savings and traffic on and our syndication partner sites exceed 110 million. Backed by the muscle of Cox Target Media, your local Valpak office has the means and know-how to custom build a marketing campaign that meets your needs and budget. Let us introduce you to the neighborhood. Call Valpak at 1-800-676-6878.



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