Shared Direct Mail products in the GTA: Which Product Is Right for Your Business?

Find out how you can use direct mail to reach prospective consumers in the GTA and determine which of our products is best for your business.

If you are trying to generate traffic and increase profits for your business, shared direct mail marketing is an effective way to get noticed amongst your target demographic in the Greater Toronto Area. The benefits of shared direct mail advertising are endless and many companies are investing billions of dollars into this marketing channel due to its ability to generate significant traffic.

Our shared direct mail products are highly targeted and powerful. You can create a personalized campaign designed for your exact customer base no matter the size of your business. Whether you are looking to launch new products, build brand loyalty, or increase sales with existing and new customers, we have a product that fits your needs.

Here are 5 of our popular shared direct mail products:

Money Saver Magazine

Our Money Saver Magazine is one of Canada’s most recognized local publications and offers everyday savings on thousands of products and services like restaurant deals and home renovations. It is published 11 times per year and reaches over 3 million homes per issue and contains everything from money saving ideas, to coupons, to contests, and sales. The magazine is printed on high-quality paper with ads specially designed by our graphic designers at no extra cost to our advertisers.

Greater Toronto Living

Greater Toronto Living is regarded as a trusted guide to personal and household products and services in the home renovation and repair industry. If you are looking to target affluent customers across 3 different geographical zones, our flagship digest magazine is a great option. It is published 8 times per year and reaches over 650, 000 homes in the GTA and contains advertisements associated with home renovation such as carpet replacement, flooring, and door and window installation, among many more.

Home Saver Magazine

An established magazine, Home Saver is a premium large format publication that delivers in-house home and family savings to homeowners. It is used by thousands of prospective customers to research supplies and suppliers related to home renovation such as roofing and landscaping. It is published 6 times annually and is delivered to 825, 000 homes per issue. Plus, it is strategically timed to coincide with buying trends of this market segment.

The Home Magazine

The Home Magazine is printed 7 times a year and sent to 500, 000 homes with unique editions for readers in Toronto and North, South, and West GTA. It is geared to homeowners looking to improve the look of their homes and those seeking to upgrade their home appliances and lower utility costs. If your product or service aligns with this mission, The Home Magazine is likely a good fit for your business. Current ads range from contractors who specialize in countertop makeovers to energy-efficient furnaces.

Ad Save Magazine

Published four times per year, our Ad Saver Magazine reaches over 1.2 million homes per issue. With hyper-localized content and long shelf life, it is a trusted consumer source. If you are looking for a high-quality presentation with full-colour gloss pages to showcase your products, our Ad Saver Magazine is a good option. Our ads are creative and neatly formatted with bold, attention-grabbing offers. The longevity of our coupons makes this especially beneficial for businesses who want their ads to enjoy a longer shelf-life.

To discuss which of our shared direct mail products is best for your business, contact us today!


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