6th Annual Free-Them Freedom Walk

DRMG is excited to be walking and supporting the 6th Annual Free-Them Freedom Walk, raising awareness about modern slavery.

DRMG is excited to be walking and supporting the 6th Annual Free-Them Freedom Walk. This is such a great event to support and raise awareness about the sensitive topic of modern slavery. All donations will go towards Covenant House Toronto’s new house; this will be the first of its kind in Toronto, meeting the needs of some of the most at-risk and vulnerable youth.


What is the Free-Them Freedom Walk?


The Free-Them Freedom Walk is an annual event that raises awareness and funds to support the end of human trafficking and exploitation in Canada. On Saturday, September 22nd, over 500 attendees are expected to take part in the 5KM freedom walk, starting at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. There are over 30 million individuals in global slavery today, and 87% of those trafficked in Canada are Canadians. By walking, we raise awareness about the forced labour and prostitution that is happening in our own backyards today.


Covenant House Toronto


All proceeds from this year’s event are going towards new housing for victims of sex trafficking that Covenant House Toronto will be opening this coming fall 2018. Covenant House Toronto is  Canada’s largest homeless youth agency. Since 1982, they have served almost 95, 000 youth with their wide range of services and support as many as 250 youth every day. They provide 24/7 crisis shelter, comprehensive services, education, counselling, health care, and more. They advocate for change through influencing public policy and delivering prevention and awareness programs.


How can you get involved?


You can register to take part in the 5KM walk as an individual or as a team! You may also donate to help us make a positive impact and restore people’s lives! Lastly, you may download posters to post on your Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms; this will ultimately help to raise awareness about this topic.


Join us and the generosity of our community partners on September 22nd to allow Covenant House Toronto to continue helping youth move from a life on the street, to a life with a future. Donate, share our posters, register alone, or get 9 other friends or family to join you and create your team of 10! The more attendees, the more money we raise  and the greater impact we have on those who are affected!


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