The best Digital Marketing trends that will dominate the 2020’s: Infographic

Here are the latest digital marketing trends your business should consider so you can take advantage and capitalize on new opportunities for your company.

You won’t stay competitive if you don’t adjust to market changes. Conducting market research and seeking out the latest marketing trends is one of the biggest benefits you can provide for your business. Not every new marketing trend will be the right investment for your model, but you should always remain on top of the industry’s innovations and newest trends so when the right opportunity comes along – you can capitalize on it. Here are the latest digital marketing trends your business should consider:

1. Live Video

Video is an important trend, one you’re likely already paying close attention to because it is renowned for generating great engagement rates. Live video is another recent trend, although more challenging to get right. Whichever social media platform you get the best ROI from many have already allowed live video features – even Instagram. Research suggests that users enjoy watching live videos as it brings the online community together to view real ‘in-the-moment’ content without edits and to engage with creators.

Furthermore, a survey from Livestream and New York Magazine found that 80 percent of respondents would rather watch a live video than read online. It may be time to shift your focus from words to live demonstrations, question and answer periods, and even lifestyle content. Whatever you do, make it professional and strategic.

2. Voice Search and Assistant

A handful of tech giants have made voice assistants and added voice search functionality. It would be quite a boost to have Google Assistant use your brand’s content as it answers a voice search. To do that, you need to score a featured snippet. Not only do your SEO experts have to consider how to get you that spot, you also have to consider how your website can utilize voice technology.

Not everyone is ready to invest in a voice assistant that could cater to their customers throughout the day, of course. But, you can always add some element of voice response to their website. As users get more invested in voice technology, they will begin to expect it. So, if you choose to be an early adopter of voice search, your business can reap the benefits with little competition. All you have to do is decide where it fits best in your sales funnel or within the functionality of your website.

3. Micro-Influencers

You’ve mulled over influencers already, wondering if a big-name social media presence can build your brand awareness, trust and convert to sales. They can – depending on the brand, reach and engagement. The latest trend is to opt for smaller influencers who can give you a better ROI. A micro-influencer has a small and niche audience, but they have a very large impact on their audience. Also, there is less process and associated costs of choosing to onboard an influencer. When well-chosen, a micro-influencer can strategically help you permeate a target audience.

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