Small Business Marketing Calendar – Planning for Key Dates & Holidays 2022

Our free Small Business Marketing Calendar includes all key dates, significant and obscure, to help you plan your 2022 content and promotions.

Even the most organized companies still need a reminder from time to time. A marketing calendar is a great tool to use for small business marketing. We all know the well-known occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter, but there is also a wide selection of fun yet lesser-known national holidays. National Find a Rainbow Day or National Paranormal Day can be used in unique and distinctive ways that allow your business to stand out. No day or event is too insignificant to utilize in your marketing strategies. 

Since our 2021 small business marketing calendar was a convenient resource for so many companies, we have decided to update it for 2022. Our calendar is filled with an array of interesting national days that can be applied to various promotional materials and marketing strategies. 

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When to Prepare for Key Holidays

The antagonist of any marketing campaign is time. It’s best to plan and layout your promotional offers and marketing campaigns well in advance. Mapping out these strategies early is key, and we recommend finalizing at least one to two months before a minor holiday and up to six months before a major one. Allowing yourself this time to budget, strategize, execute and launch a campaign can help you plan ahead and avoid feeling stressed or rushed when moving on to the next event. 

When planning for your campaign, ensure you designate some time after it’s been completed so you can analyze the results and data to evaluate the campaign’s overall success. Doing this will help you better understand the campaign’s return on investment and assist you in designing and improving future campaigns and fine-tuning your marketing strategies. 

How to use the Marketing Calendar

As with any marketing strategy, utilizing DRMG’s marketing calendar requires you to line up past promotional strategies, competitor research, and your overall marketing communications plan to guarantee that you’re capitalizing on dates that are relevant to your business. 

If you don’t have a concrete marketing strategy yet, no need to worry. Get started with our 30/60/90 day marketing plan. It can help you get started with a solid plan while allowing an opportunity to outline your overall marketing efforts accordingly. Our marketing calendar is also an excellent way to incorporate key dates and offers into your digital and offline marketing channels.

Choosing Holidays to Align Your Business With

When planning promotional strategies, it is essential to understand key dates and how they align and make sense with your business. Consider which holidays, big and small, work well with your company and branding. Separate the critical dates of the year that most align with your brand and support your strategies. Then start planning well in advance of the date. Ensure you start with the major holidays (New Year’s Day, Canada Day, Labour Day, etc.) while intertwining the lesser-known dates as they fit in.  

Download our marketing calendar today as a part of your small business marketing plan and see how you can put 2022 to work for you and your marketing team. Or contact DRMG directly to learn more about how our team can help take your marketing to the next level.

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