Using Direct Mail to Increase Consumer Engagement

Setting your business apart from others through direct mail will benefit you through increased consumer engagement.



More than ever in this digital era is there a stronger need for advertising campaigns to have a connection, a quality kind of connection that will have your readers engaged.  The best way to create this is through Direct Mail.  The message you are sending to customers and potential customers ultimately turns into a tangible item that can feel personal when it’s brought into someone's home.  It should be a priority to ensure that your campaign will land in the right mailboxes, right area and right on time.



What exactly is engagement when it comes to your customers and business?  It can be defined as how a business communicates with your own customer database.  The interaction can come through ways of: 

  • High rates of customer retention
  • An increase in sales revenue
  • Improving brand loyalty and trust
  • Boosting brand awareness and visibility
  • Top customer experience
  • Increases in customer feedback and insight

When you can truly engage and understand the customer's wants and needs, this is where the magic happens and you start seeing the improvements in your business.


How exactly do we make this all happen?

Start with personalizing your message.  Since our mailboxes are no longer cluttered these days, this would be the time to take advantage of how and what you want to convey, fine tuning what your message is!  This can be done using your database for things like wishing a Happy Birthday message, customer loyalty programs or special offers that pertain to your customer.

Another recommendation is to have a call to action that is measurable.  Some may assume you need to offer a sale or a discount of some kind, but this isn’t always necessary.  What you need is something that is special, it’s unique to your business and will have the customer gravitate and want to engage with your brand.  It can be as simple as completing a survey or entering a contest that will generate a coupon code, as well as having a QR code.  It’s very important that your message is clear on what the consumer needs to do.  Without any clarity it becomes difficult to track and the campaign ends up being too expensive.


What are some tips to avoid?

Anything that may be confusing! Avoid having more than one call to action.  If you have more than one, it confuses the consumer in knowing what to do and they end up putting your direct mail piece to the side and unfortunately losing any potential engagement you were hoping to gain.  

It may sound silly, but your content and design should not be overlooked.  Having  too many colours, colours that are off form your brand, multiple font types or too many images is one of the fastest ways to lose consumer engagement. It ends up being too overwhelming for the eye or difficult to understand what the actual message is.  Customers will feel that you may not even know what your own message is. 


Connecting with your audience:

It’s a great reminder for all businesses to keep top of mind, strive to maintain and grow customer engagement.  This will always allow your business to showcase who and what your business is about.  The best part is you do not have to do this alone!  With the help of Direct Response Media Group, our experienced and knowledgeable marketing consultants are here to guide you and provide you with tips and tools to a successful campaign allowing you to grow your customer engagement.  Contact us today to start!


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