DRMG Thinks Inside the Box!

At the Think Inside the Box Conference, we met some great people, shared some of the knowledge that has made us an industry leader since 1996. Click to read

The DRMG team had a great time at the recent Think Inside the Box Conference for Canada Post. We met some great people, shared some of the knowledge that has made us an industry leader since 1996, and learned one or two things ourselves. Here’s a taste of the Think Inside the Box conference…

Why You Should Think Inside the Box

When it comes to marketing, thinking inside the box is becoming an outside of the box idea. Increasing numbers of businesses have shifted their marketing entirely online. shared media products marketing used to be ubiquitous, now it can provide a crucial competitive edge.

According to Canada Posts’ shared media products Omnibus Results, shared media products elicited a response rate that was 20% higher than digital marketing in isolation, 61% of shared media products recipients went on to make an instore purchase, and 57% feel they are valued when brands connect with them via mail – it ads a personal touch.   

shared media products’s Competitive Edge

shared media products is tactile, your target audience sees it, touches it, picks it up, moves it and reads it. You can block online ads and close pop-ups before you watch your favourite show on Netflix, but when a piece of shared media products makes its way into your mailbox you have to engage with it.

shared media products Makes a Lasting Impact

A TV ad may last 30 seconds, a billboard on the highway flashes by in an instant, and online ads are often blocked or closed instantly, but shared media products has sticking power. Once your brand reaches consumer’s homes, 66% will keep it if they consider it useful, and almost all will hold onto your mail for days, weeks or longer. As a result consumers spend more time with shared media products than display, pre-roll, or email ads.

High-Tech shared media products

shared media products puts your brand directly into your audience’s home and provides the creative flexibility needed to grab their attention in a competitive marketplace. shared media products is not in competition with the analytics driven world of online marketing, the two are complimentary. shared media products can be used as a standalone campaign, or as part of a comprehensive multi-media marketing strategy. In response to a shared media products campaign, 64% of consumers visited a website, and 39% ordered a product online.

Direct Data

shared media products allows you to target specific market segments, enabling you to connect with specific geographic, demographic, or psychographic audiences. Zero in on your target market and deliver your brand straight into their home. Canada Post has embraced this strategy by creating Smartmail Marketing, deigned to use all the data available to Canada Post to target your shared media products campaign.

How to get the most out of your shared media products:

  1. Be creative!
  2. Use internal and external data and research to reach the right customers.
  3. Provide real value, make an offer they can’t resist, and be useful!
  4. Combine or coordinate with other marketing channels for a seamless consumer experience.

Think inside the box.


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