Customer Engagement with Digital and Print

To improve your customer engagement you’ll need an integrated marketing approach, one that encompasses your audience both online and offline.

To improve your customer engagement you’ll need an integrated marketing approach, one that encompasses your audience both online and offline. By maintaining a positive brand experience in all marketing channels, your business will remain top of mind for consumers as it becomes more familiar and easily recognized. When they scroll through Facebook, check their Instagram, or open their mail, they will be reminded of your current promotions or deals, as well as important business information.

Do you currently have a marketing strategy that uses both print and digital marketing to drive customer engagement? Well, here is how you can do so!

With digital, it has become more complicated today as technology keeps advancing exponentially. With continuous changes and improvements, it’s always best to consult an expert to help you navigate. Here are some important integrated print and digital marketing strategies to help drive customer engagement:

Social Media Presence

Today as the majority of millennials, and other generations as well, actively use social media on a daily basis. This is a great way to improve customer engagement and leverage followers. When creating social media posts keep in mind to create them with a communicative and interactive tone, rather than a sales-pitch.


If you’re not using SEO best practices, you risk not being found online when customers search for your business. Implementing an SEO strategy increases the visibility of your business on search engines, so when users are searching keywords for products or services in your area, your business will show up on the results page!

Email Marketing

Sending out weekly, or monthly newsletters is a successful way to increase consumer brand awareness, and let your customer mailing list know of any current promotions!

For print, ignore those who say that this is an outdated marketing approach. The key to a successful print campaign is to use it complementary to other media channels, in order to gain maximum exposure. An example is linking your mailing flyer with specific information to a social media channel or website, where you can direct your audience to an online promotion to track conversions and metrics.

Having an integrated mail and digital marketing approach has proven results. At DRMG, we can help your business gain more brand awareness and help convert your target audience into loyal customers. We’re recognized for our quality work and experienced staff, that continue to help businesses with successful print campaigns. Learn more about how we can help better improve your marketing print campaign:


How do you know where to send your mail? We will ensure the package is properly targeted so only specific intended audiences will receive it.


We will complete the design for your flyer, ensuring it matches your business tone and theme.


After completing the design, we will deliver it to your intended audience.


Finally, we will monitor the campaign to determine its effectiveness! Determining what worked and what didn’t, the campaign can be altered for next time.

Overall, print and digital will help increase customer engagement. By having a strong presence in both online and offline, you can begin creating campaigns that will entice audiences to engage with you.


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