How To Get More Likes On Your Facebook Business Page

Find out how to maximize your business' social reach with these marketing tactics to get more likes and engagement on your Facebook page.

Every business has a presence on Facebook, but how many people does that page reach? You put a lot of time and energy into your Facebook page, but are you maximizing your reach? There are ways to get more likes on your page, and more engagement on your posts themselves. Here’s how:

Complete Your Page

It’s a shame if someone searches for your business, or for what your business does, and doesn’t find your Facebook page. To up your chances of being discovered, beef up your page description to include:

  • Key search terms
  • A broad description of what your business does
  • Your location
  • Your hours
  • Your website

Any other information that helps make your business clearer to your visitor and differentiates you from your competitors are great additions. If people can find and understand your business you’ll see an increase in engagement.

Invite Employees & Past Customers

There are a few groups of people you can reach out to in order to give your Facebook page a boost. Employees and former customers will naturally want to keep track of what’s going on with your business, all you have to do is direct them to your Facebook page. Ask them directly so they know you’d like their support, especially employees as the success of your business’s Facebook page is their success too.

Post Appealing Content

It’s easier said than done, of course, but posting content that appeals to people will naturally get you more engagement. One big mistake businesses make on Facebook is posting content that appeals to their business, instead of focusing on content that is useful to their followers.

Not everything you share has to be about your company or your product. It should be related to both, but it should always enrich your follower and the common interest you share, whether that’s shoes, bathroom tile, or anything else.

One good way to get ideas about the type of content your audience enjoys is to look at other successful Facebook pages that reach them. What are your competitors and influencers up to? Looking at their page can help you understand the type of content that your target market is interested in.

Use Your Website

Your biggest fans and best customers are on your website, so why not encourage them to follow your Facebook page from your website? You can include Facebook like boxes to prompt them, especially beneath contact forms.

If there are other avenues through which you interact with your customers, like an e-newsletter, in store, or at industry events, mention your Facebook page there too. Include your Facebook page on your business cards, educational pamphlets, along with the product… everywhere!

Keep Going!

The biggest Facebook pages didn’t just spring up overnight. And to keep an audience growing, even if your audience is already large, you have to keep experimenting with new Facebook strategies. You’ll have natural lulls, but as long as you keep your page active, you can see new growth again.


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