Redefining the Shared Shared Media Products Landscape

Our new Money Saver Polybag product is set to redefine the shared media products landscape through design, cost-effectiveness and appeal amongst millenials.

These days, ‘out with the old, and in with the new’ is taking on a special meaning here at DRMG. The new shared media wrap Mailer has arrived and it will be replacing our paper Money Saver Envelope product. With a long list of benefits and notable advantages, this new commodity is set to redefine the shared shared media products landscape.

Similar to the Money Saver Envelope, the Polybag Mailer is a shared shared media p products that contains a mix of ads from national, regional and local advertisers; delivered to your audience by Canada Post. Each Polybag is wrapped in an eco-efficient transparent poly wrap, opening up opportunities to combine all different types of mail creating a much more engaging and useful product your customers will love.

Here are some of the Polybag’s brag-worthy benefits:

Multi-Size Inserts

Send ad cards up to 11 x 5 inches, including 3-4 panel menus, small magazines and catalogues

Cost Effective

Share the cost of your campaign with local and regional advertisers

Improved Specs

Large front and back cover opportunities with increased visibility

Unique Look

A refreshed design (the first of its kind in Canada) with the physicality that speaks to the growing desire amongst millennials.


DRMG Polybag Production requires 94 percent less water and 40 percent less power than paper envelopes

How will this help promote my business?

It’s simple, really. First impressions are everything. Not only will you be able to grab the attention you want and deserve, but with improved front and back cover options plus 13 different insert options, your marketing efforts will be taken to the next level, with your bottom line in mind.

To view all distribution zones for the new Polybag Mailer click here. Contact your local Marketing Consultant today to add The Polybag Mailer to your marketing campaign, today!


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