Take Your Shared Media Products To New Heights

As more businesses begin their digital transformation, the demand for integration grows. Traditional and digital mix well.

As the digital wave begins to slowly calm, what it has left in its path is a great demand for integration. Traditional and digital media working together, simultaneously. Shared Media Products remains one of the highest engaging media choices for small & large businesses. Why? It simply works.

The mailbox has become an exclusive space. More and more millennials are heading to their mailbox to discover the latest brands and dining opportunities.  While messages are being sent to customer’s digital inboxes, social feeds, and through the plethora of tv’s that crowd their home, and even the radio, there is only one mailbox. The process of checking our mail has become a daily routine that is deeply ingrained. Because of this, your clients directly interact with your shared media products piece once it hits homes. You place your advertisement right in your customer’s hands. 

But what if the engagement of your shared media products campaign could go beyond industry standards? At DRMG, we believe it can. Through small integrations that speak to consumer behaviour, you will be able to increase your campaign’s response rate and reach even more customers.

Studies have shown that consumers are more often than not, utilizing a combination of paper and digital coupons to cash in on their savings. Providing consumers with the option to use both digital and traditional media increases your response rates and caters to the ever-changing consumer landscape.

With DRMG’s Business Profile Pages, providing consumers with the ability to choose has never been easier. The Business Profile Page or BPP for short is a dedicated landing page for your business that centralizes your coupons and offers, allowing the consumers the chance to see them all in one convenient place. Your shared media products piece can lead customers to online exclusives, catalogues of your daily offerings or simply drive traffic to your BPP.

Whether you choose to place your coupons and offers online with a Business Profile Page or not, we always recommend at least tracking your results through a lead management system such as DRMG Insight. Software such as this, allows you to track your results as they happen. The information you’ll discover will allow you to transform your shared media products campaigns with insights and data, for a more effective and responsive campaign.

Digital integration shouldn’t have to move mountains. Using simple tools to achieve amazing results, you will create more intelligent campaigns that reach new audiences and give your business a competitive edge.


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