How to Respond to Positive Google Reviews

More than ever, people are relying on reviews to help them form decisions on virtually every facet of life. While we focus mostly on negative reviews, positive reviews can give your company valuable insight. Find out how here:

More than ever, people are relying on reviews to help them form decisions on virtually every facet of life. Purchases and experiences are constantly being evaluated by customers and shared online. Although negative reviews seem to get the most attention, a lot of people like to leave reviews filled with positivity and praise. No matter the tone, all reviews should be responded to quickly and professionally.

All reviews offer insight

Whether they offer a positive or negative tone, reviews should be asked for and replied to as quickly as possible. Reviews can give a company important insights that they can’t obtain from looking at sales numbers or statistics on a page; they’re your customer’s voice and can be helpful in improving your brand.

Customer feedback is critical to the growth of your company and when reviews are taken into consideration they can help to:

  • Improve the quality of a product or service
  • Increase sales
  • Establish credibility 
  • Better understand your customer base 
  • Shape marketing strategies. 

Why it’s so important to reply to positive reviews

People are busy and time is extremely precious. That’s why it’s important to acknowledge and appreciate someone who takes time out of their day to leave a positive review. These people are the best type of brand ambassador and are essentially offering you free marketing. The positive words that a customer leaves can lead to more sales, more brand awareness and a larger customer base.

How to respond to positive reviews

There are a few things you and your company can do to help ensure the customer who leaves a positive review feels like their time is valued and their opinion is important: 

Respond quickly and be thankful

As with any compliment, express your gratitude in a timely and friendly manner. Let them know how much their words, time and opinions mean to you. Use specific examples from their review to show that you fully read and understood the main message, and that you’re not using a bot to reply.

Be authentic, personable and keep it short

Again, think about getting a compliment in real life and how you would deal with it. Don’t use flowery jargon or come across as a boastful cyborg. Speak honestly, be genuine and keep it short and impactful. Don’t let your reply drag on. You want other potential customers to read your reply, which may not happen if you go on for too long.

Ask them to share their experiences

Since they were willing to offer their time to write a review, they may also be interested in sharing their experiences on other channels. They already see you in an optimistic light, so why not try asking them to take action in some other way? 

Spread the positivity

After you’ve asked the reviewer to share their experiences, you need to do the same. Share their testimonials to your website and social media accounts. This could be the subtle nudge that a potential customer or client needs to try your product or service.

Positivity breeds positivity. Put it out into the world and see what transpires. You may find that your response to a positive review encourages others to express their constructive and upbeat experiences with your brand too.

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