How to Make the Most of Valentine’s Day Advertising

Consumer spending for Valentine’s Day is approximately 20.7 billion in the United States alone! Stay on top this February with a winning Campaign.

It may seem like the Christmas holidays have just wrapped up and there’s a bit of a lull, but now is the time to start ramping up your designs and offers for Valentine’s Day. According to Statista, consumer spending for Valentine’s Day totaled approximately 20.7 billion in the United States alone in 2019, with a gradual increase year over year. That means you can expect consumers to pay even more this year and you’ll want to capitalize on their interest by not only offering them great deals but ensuring that you continue to capture their attention and stay top of mind long after the holiday is over.

You can employ strategies such as sending your customers personalized Valentine’s Day cards, asking them to share their stories, creating gift guides or showing how you give back to local charities. But you can also keep things simple by making a few tweaks to your advertising methods that don’t require a huge spend on your end.


Five Ways to Boost Your Valentine’s Day Ads

Sweeten Your Email Marketing

Most people love to get a sweet message in their inbox. Why not customize your newsletter messages with romantic and enticing language (avoiding the overly cheesy) to get customers thinking about their loved ones and how you can help make their day special? Try something like, “Don’t miss out on this deal for your sweetheart” or “Show your Valentine the love with this exclusive offer”.

Include fun emojis where relevant (just a couple) and suggest promotions, discounts or even freebies that your customers can take advantage of, with a direct link to your website where they can get more information or use the offer. Additionally, if you host a Valentine’s Day event, don’t forget to share the details through your newsletters and social media channels.

Two-for-One Campaigns

A personalized Valentine’s Day themed campaign that focuses on ‘two-for-one’ offers is always a crowd pleaser. Paired with some fun graphics, just about any product or service offering can be made into an attractive deal for couples, encouraging time spent together through your business.

Your two-for-one campaign can be spread across multiple channels and your website, increasing the chances that visitors will see and take advantage of your deal. You can also take advantage of print ads and mail outs using Valentine’s Day themed promo codes and light and fun messaging to encourage customers to contact you.

Extend Your Theme to Social Media

Along with your website and newsletter, you’ll want to update the backgrounds and cover images of your social media channels too, particularly if your business is very active on social streams. Channels like Facebook even allow you to upload temporary photos and you can always encourage your customers to use your badges or share your images or offers through charming graphics.

Collaborate with Other Businesses

Valentine’s Day is a little sweeter with someone to share it with and that includes partnering with other businesses on promotions and offers. Don’t be afraid to reach out to other businesses who have a product or service that works in tandem with yours and see how you can potentially work together on a gift package or paired discount that can benefit both of you by widening your exposure. It costs nothing to mention another business on social media, for example, and increase your audience reach at the same time.

Promote Date Night

Who doesn’t love a date night, especially when it involves food? For restaurants in particular, date night deals are a great way to get customers in the door with customized set menus, take-out deals, dinner packages, and Galentine’s offers geared at singles. There are many ways to drive food related promotions through the strategies mentioned above, adding in a free appetizer or glass of wine.

Even if you don’t have food to offer, these promotions are great opportunities to position your business’ services as a gift or a romantic date night. You could even partner with a local restaurant on a date night package or entice customers with a romantic experience. 

Whether you’re aiming to amp up your online coupons, email marketing, or direct mail for Valentine’s Day, contact us at DRMG for helpful insights and additional strategies to increase your advertising this season.



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