What are Direct Mail Postcards?

A postcard in direct mail is an effective way to reach your customers. Learn how they work & our tips on how to make the most out of your ads.

In direct mail marketing, Postcards are a direct and engaging piece of mail, with the opportunity to promote a business to customers that fall within a specific area and demographic profile. In order to understand what a postcard is, and what makes them effective in direct mail marketing, it is important to fully understand what direct mail marketing is.

What is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail marketing is a physical piece of printed material going into consumers’ mailboxes. There are many different types of direct mail marketing pieces, such as weekly flyers, newsletters, and what we will be focusing on in this article: Postcards. But what exactly is a postcard? How will it help your business? This article will take a deep dive into the world of direct mail marketing and see how your business can benefit greatly from using postcards in direct mail marketing with the right campaign. 

What Is a Postcard?

A postcard is typically a rectangular cut of paper with a message on the front and back, delivered through the mail. Aside from being a favourite method of sending messages to loved ones, postcards are also used in direct mail marketing. Advertisers will send postcards to their customers or prospects with personalized messages directly to their homes.

When you are thinking of using a postcard in direct mail marketing, it’s important to consider your business and what format would best appeal to your target audience. Are you a restaurant? Having a three-panel menu of all your menu items may be the better format option, however, if you are a window company a postcard might do the trick.

Postcards in direct mail marketing are used in many customer touchpoints, including:

  • Promote a deal, discount, offer, or rebate to your target audience to get new customers
  • Showcase a loyalty program, or send a personalized thank you card to your existing customers
  • Update customers on upcoming events, new services roll-outs, loyalty milestones, and rewards

Why is Postcard Marketing in Canada Effective?

Statistics are very helpful to help business leaders make decisions, this is why we work hard to provide you with data-driven results, so you can see exactly how effective postcard direct mail marketing is. Statistics from Canada Post show that:

  • 74% of Canadians will notice advertisements in the mail.
  • 40% of recipients of direct mail advertising will try new businesses after receiving a postcard in the mail. 
  • 54% of consumers actually want coupons and direct mail from the brands they enjoy. 
  • 56% of consumers would actually enjoy more direct mail with offers. 
  • 57% of people feel more valued when a brand connects with them through direct mail marketing.

Statistics show that consumers want the advertising coming directly to them. In our digital world, we have only seconds to grab the consumer’s attention and with an average of 7 connected devices in homes – there still remains only one mailbox. So, it’s important to look at the channels of your target audience and make sure you are getting your name out to your potential customers. What better way to get your brand in front of someone’s eyes than by showing up on their doorstep? Do you want to see some more statistics? Have a look at our Science of Activation.

Image of Envelopes flying into mailbox for post what is a postcard in direct mail marketing

How Do I Reach My Target Market?

DRMG does a deep dive into finding your target market, through demographic tools and precision targeting, with over 40 different targeting attributes such as household income, construction build on the home, or simply family make-up, we are able to dig deep to find exactly what areas you should be sending your postcard in direct mail. Did you know there are two types of solo direct mail marketing? You can choose a campaign through neighbourhood mail, or personalized mail, depending on what kind of postcard direct mail marketing you are looking to do.

Next, we look into targeting by postal code, our team of marketing consultants is equipped with tools to target which postal code walk will get your postcard into the right mailboxes. If you’re looking for a B2B target audience, look into postal walks that have more businesses. Sending out postcards in the mail isn’t just putting ads in the mailbox and hoping for the best. Postcard marketing takes precision to ensure that your postcard will bring you results. 

How Will I know if my postcard in direct mail marketing is working?

At DRMG, we know that you require facts and data to effectively run your business. If you are investing in any campaign, you want to see evidence it’s delivering a return on investment. This is why we use call tracking numbers, so you can see how your campaign is doing in real-time. DRMG provides every client with digitally integrated tracking methods so you are able to ensure that your campaign is working. This will allow you to connect your postcard direct mail with any digital marketing that you may have. We work to connect all print and digital advertising to give your consumer the best-integrated customer experience. 

The Four R’s

  • Received
  • Read
  • Recalled
  • Responded

Ensure that your mail passes all four Rs. Has your mail been received? With DRMG, we make sure your mail gets carefully placed into consumers’ mailbox by being a Canada Post Expert Partner, yes, your direct mail is delivered by Canada Post. We work with Canada Post to ensure that your postcard will make it into the mailbox.

We go one step further in targeting the market in which your postcard will have the best customer base and is read by them. DRMG has a team of in-house graphic designers that will work with you to create the best advertisement with field-tested, industry-proven headlines, offers and graphics in over 40 different industry categories that will appeal to your customers and help you promote your brand and is easily recalled by them. With the right amount of touchpoints and the right messaging your consumer will be more likely to recall your ad. Finally, with an enticing call to action, your customer will respond to your ad.

Learn More about Postcards in Direct Mail Marketing

Now you understand what a postcard in direct mail marketing is and how it works. Contact DRMG today, where we will set you up with one of our Marketing Consultants. We have marketing consultants all across Canada, specializing in local, regional and national markets. Each marketing consultant takes you through options ensuring your business has all the aspects needed for a high-performing campaign.

At DRMG, we work with you to find a suitable strategy to drive customers to your door. We then find digitally integrated solutions so that you are able to get data-driven results. Our Marketing Consultants will offer you solo direct mail options as well as shared direct mail options, with digitally integrated solutions. Contact us today and see your business flourish!


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