How Call Tracking Numbers Can Help Your Business

Discover the power of Call Tracking Numbers and how they can help businesses focus on what is working to better refine their marketing initiatives.

Have you ever had a call from a prospective client and wondered where they saw the number to call? Where are they located? What in particular about the advertisement made them want to call you? The data needed to answer these queries can be gleaned through call tracking. 

Here we explain the basics of call tracking and help your company gain attribution for calls and data to optimize campaigns. 

What Are Call Tracking Numbers?

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Call tracking numbers are a way for your company to record phone calls to gain data and insights, giving your company the information it needs to know who responded to certain advertisements and when. Call tracking numbers assign a local number to a business phone line so when the “new” number is called, it forwards the call to the business line. The new number is tied to technology that allows businesses to track caller information, such as the type of phone, location of the person calling, and name. As well as call details such as date and time and duration of the call.

How Does Tracking Incoming Phone Calls Work?

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Call tracking provides visibility into the effect of each campaign by revealing exactly which queries, clicks, media and resulting sessions are driving revenue, and which are not worth the investment. Call tracking allows companies to know which marketing initiatives bring the most traffic and which keywords lead engagement and which conversations yielded conversions. Equipped with this data, marketers can then double down on the sources that matter and cut out those initiatives which are underperforming.

Call tracking phone numbers can be programmed to link to online activities such as clicks and page views to calls. 

A cookie (a small piece of data that a server sends to the user’s web browser to track the number of visits and activity on that website) is generated per visitor and this records the visits to the website. A different phone number is then assigned to each unique visitor on the website. The visitor then calls the unique number and the call tracking software records the user data. Call tracking software can then merge phone call data with visitors’ digital activity, enabling businesses to have a complete view of the customer journey, original source and much more. Call tracking allows you to:

  • Create trackable phone numbers for any campaign
  • Collect and report on leads from any campaign
  • Automatically organizes all lead contact information

How to Best Use Call Tracking Numbers?

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Companies most frequently use call tracking to optimize paid search marketing campaigns and other more opaque digital marketing activities. The data can be used to personalize the caller experience and enhance end-to-end customer journeys.

The benefits of call tracking? the marketers who employ call tracking will overtime refine their buying to achieve a reduced cost-per-click (CPC) on paid search, and reduced cost-per-acquisition (CPA), and increases in the return-on-ad-spend (ROAS). 

To understand any campaign’s success, call tracking should be used for both online and offline marketing efforts. From solo direct mail, shared mail, postcards, social media, etc. 

How DRMG Uses Call Tracking Numbers

Without call tracking, it’s difficult to prove the ROI of your marketing efforts. It's hard to know exactly what initiatives increase sales calls because your data trail goes cold when potential customers pick up the phone.

We combine the physical print experience with integrated digital options, offering real-time performance tracking with DRMG Insights, Direct Response Media Group’s signature tool. Reach out today, and let’s see how we can start getting results for your brand with direct marketing.


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