The Trusted Choice: Why Businesses Prefer Canada Post for Mail Delivery

Dive into the advantages Canadian businesses experience by using Canada Post for mail delivery.


When it comes to trust, knowing the source is one thing, but counting on them is another. For direct mail, this is why so many Canadian businesses and new businesses to Canada prefer using Canada Post for their mail delivery services. Ensuring their message gets into the right hands, or should we say, mailboxes is a top priority.

The unique part about direct mail is the ability to physically place a brand in front of consumers whether they are anticipating it or not. Direct mail remains a powerful tool in that 92% will read the direct mail received and 51% will make an in-store or online purchase after receiving direct mail. This is one of the most important tools that a marketer can use when staying top of mind with their customers and data has shown us there is a higher response rate for direct mail when a consumer has a tangible item in their hands, even if it goes on the fridge or in the drawer, a physical direct mail piece has longevity in the home, they will pick it back up when they are ready to use it.  


Pioneers in Direct Mail: DRMG 

Direct Response Media Group has proudly served Canadian businesses across Canada for over 20 years as the leader in Direct Mail advertising. DRMG prides themselves on being a family-owned business that delivers a variety of neighbourhood and personalized mail as a Canada Post expert partner. The most recognizable product, and DRMG’s flagship brand,  Money Saver in both a magazine and envelope format.  


Why Canada Post Stands Out  

With a company as large and as recognizable as Canada Post, Canada Post sets a standard to succeed when combining different elements, such as: physicality and data. Studies show that we are hard-wired to pay attention to direct mail, 74% of us see it, open it and then we read it.  To go a step further, if using personalization to target your audience, 86% of Canadians are more inclined to open direct mail that has been addressed to them. Canada Post has witnessed the results of this through different studies. One study in particular was with Costco Canada, available for download in English and French. Their goal was to reach consumers who weren’t members, but who Costco felt would be their target audience.. With the use of customized data, targeting and delivery, Costco saw a 94% increase in new memberships from targeted areas. 


Picture this, folks. Canada Post, the heart of postal service in Canada, isn't just delivering mail; they're orchestrating a symphony of tradition and technology. It's like vinyl records meeting streaming music, but for your mail. Already thinking about your next Canada Post mail delivery? You would not be off from most fellow Canadians - studies reveal that a whopping 74% of Canadians can't wait to dive into mail delivered by Canada Post. Raising the bar even higher - When that mail has your name on it, 86% of Canadians are all in. Let's talk real-life magic – Canada Post teamed up with Costco Canada and conjured up a jaw-dropping 94% spike in new memberships. How? With precision targeting from the biggest data pool in Canada on Canadian residents. In a nutshell, Canada Post is like that sleek, modern gadget you can't live without but with a dash of classic charm. 


Tangible Benefits for Businesses  

If a tangible item is brought into someone's home, it tends to feel personal, almost as if it was created for that person. There is no reason why direct mail cannot have the same effect, which in fact it does!  In a neuroscience study conducted by Canada Post, a particular sensation associated with experiences are triggered when receiving direct mail. The sensation can actually hold readers attention 118% longer than when viewing a digital ad. Taking it a step further, 85% of readers will open mail that looks interesting and 67% will read direct mail. When a company's marketing campaign incorporates direct mail, businesses can expect 18% return on investment The evidence is here and proves to consumers that this tried and true method of receiving direct mail should be used to the best advantage for a company's marketing campaign, especially when it comes to increasing a consumer's experience, emotional connection and your return on investment. 


The Future of Direct Mail  

Direct mail has stood the test of time over the years and more than ever since digital came into play. With the growing digital fatigue that comes with receiving email ads, the overwhelming sense is that consumers do not have “time” to cypher through those emails. They will get to it later, ultimately forgetting about it. Alternatively, when it comes to receiving direct mail, more attention is spared for this.  It’s no longer out of sight, out of mind but truth be told, there is no denying when executed properly, that direct mail and digital integrate well. When direct mail is followed up with digital campaigns such as email, email fatigue dissipates by nearly 8%. Your brand will always have the choice, but to maintain that personal connection, the future is still with direct mail.  

Harness the power of reliable mail delivery with Canada Post for your business. Reach out to us now to learn more!


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