How to attract loyal customers to your restaurant

Customers have a lot of choice when deciding where to eat. Stay ahead of the competition with our top restaurant and QSR industry marketing tips.

The competition in the restaurant industry is more saturated than ever before. With so many opportunities to eat out or order in, you need to ensure your restaurant can be easily found by potential customers. In addition to providing quality food and service, restaurant owners should understand the value of being recognized and found online. Here are also value the importance of shared media products and digital marketing as an essential tool for their restaurant’s success.  

1. Use Paid Media to Reach the Top of Google Search Results

Sign up for Google My Business and manage how your business information appears on Google, including your website, directions, hours of operation, phone number and more.

Appearing in your customer’s search results when they are looking for things to eat in the area is very important. If you own a restaurant that serves Italian food, you’ll want to appear at the top of search results for, “Italian food near me” or other keywords related to the types of dishes you serve. The results that appear at the top of search results are usually paid ads and you can accomplish this with Google AdWords.

2. Improve Your Social Media Presence

When it comes to brand awareness, growing your popularity, and engaging customers, social media is the gateway to these crucial aspects of growing your restaurant business. Gaining likes, shares, and comments is how people and businesses receive attention nowadays. Not being active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. is like pulling out a flip phone at a high-profile social gathering. It is essential to use social media management services to help you get started.

3. Master Search Engine Optimization

Learn more about Search Engine Optimization with our SEO program. Choose four keywords you want to rank for in Google. We will ensure your restaurant gets found organically and ranks higher for specific keywords.

4. Send Strong Coupons and Offers through Direct Mail

Use services that will include your coupons with a trusted name like the Money Saver Envelope. This service ensures that your marketing budget isn’t wasted. Don’t talk to the wrong people – use your customer database if possible to help determine your specific audience and reach before sending out your offer.

5. Flyer Distribution

Flyer mailing is the long-standing traditional way of marketing your restaurant business.  Despite the many ways to reach customers online, flyer mailing continues to be the best way to put the information directly into the hands of your targeted audience. Use services like Shared media products Flyers – Canada Post to design, print, and send your flyers.

Get ahead of the competition and get the most out of your marketing budget. Learn how to sync your digital landscape with a complete marketing campaign, which includes reaching customers in-person with Shared media products and flyer distribution. For more information, contact DRMG for a free quote on Shared media products and digital solutions for your restaurant business.


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