Thank You Frontline Workers and Emergency Services!

We would like to thank all of the frontline and emergency service workers - those who risk their health every day to keep the world going.

Stay home save lives

DRMG would like to thank all of the frontline and emergency service workers – those who risk their health every day to keep the world going, even when the rest of the world has been asked to stop. 

Thank you to the first responders, firefighters and police officers, paramedics, and healthcare professionals. These are the first that come to mind when we think of frontline and emergency workers. They are out every day keeping the community safe and healthy, so when we are able to continue, our communities and world are bright and ready. 

We would also like to thank grocery store clerks, keeping their checkout area clean and helping us keep the shelves stocked for our basic necessities. Thank you to warehouse workers, stocking the warehouses, putting packages together to get them ready to be sent to homes safely. Thank you to delivery men and women who are out on the streets every day to make sure packages reach homes on time. Thank you restaurants, for staying open to allow us to have our comfort meals, and take out dinners. Thank you to all auto shops and gas stations – keeping our cars serviced and fueled up. Thank you home improvement businesses and Heating & Cooling businesses, for fixing our houses and keeping us safe in a time of need. There are so many people to thank, but what can we do to show our support and thanks?

Showing our support for front line workers can be as simple as making sure to say thank you at the checkout. Supporting front-liners can be staying home and washing your hands, wearing gloves when you go out and a m

ask if you are coming in close contact with someone. Staying home and staying healthy is the easiest way to help support the cause and flatten the curve. 

Here are some stories of DRMG clients that really show how wonderful our community is:

The most popular order at St. Hubert is the quarter chicken white meat combo. This leaves a lot of dark meat leftover. St.Hubert has decided to give away the dark meat to Gatineau Food Bank Moisson Outaouais. This foodbankSupporting front line workers during COVID-19 supplies the food to 23 local organizations and serves close to 900,000 meals a year to families in need. With all of the extra dark meat that St. Hubert had, they were able to donate over 500 hot meals to nurses and staff at three different hospitals in Ottawa, General, Montfort and Children hospitals. 

Total Quartz Auto Share is another DRMG client who has thought outside of the box and came up with a way to show their gratitude and thanks to emergency workers. They thought about the ones that are still going into work and needing care maintenance. With that thought in mind, they are currently giving away free oil changes to healthcare workers! 

If you are a business, take a look around your shop to see if you have any extras of something someone might need. Restaurants – if you have any leftovers, see what food bank you can donate them to. If you find you have materials that might help as protective equipment – see what you can do about sharing it with those that need it. Even pet food, animal shelters always need help. This is a time in the world where we all need to come together and spark innovation and collaboration. Let’s take COVID-19 as a chance to give back and do your part to save your community and together we can save the world. If you don’t find anything – just continuing to stay safe, making contactless interactions is also showing your support by helping to flatten the curve.

Make sure to show your support to front liners, with a smile on your face and a thank you when you are in contact with one, and keeping yourself healthy and safe by washing your hands and staying inside. As an individual, you can show your support by supporting your neighbours in your community. 

At DRMG, some of our employees, like Holly Corbett, have been spreading joy in their communities with small words of happiness with a little bit of what we all need – comfort food and toilet paper! 

Another great opportunity to see how you can help out is through volunteering. It is National Volunteer Week, so what a great time to thank volunteers for their hard work and learn how you can volunteer yourself. This can include looking into food banks in your area or running errands for loved ones that are vulnerable or need to stay home. Do your part by spreading joy and helping when A small gesture of gratitude goes a long wayyou can – every small gesture counts.

DRMG is doing our part by focusing on small to medium size businesses and helping them get their word out as we always have been. We are focusing on helping small businesses let their customers know that they are open and here to help. Spreading the word on what they are doing to help flatten the curve, and what precautions they are taking to keep their employees safe and to keep you safe. 

Are you an essential business? Connect with a marketing consultant at DRMG to see how you can show your support to flatten the curve and to spread the word to customers that you are open for business! DRMG’s team is working on making sure your business stays open during this uncertain time. If you aren’t an essential business, that doesn’t mean marketing halts. Be prepared with all your marketing materials ready for when you are ready to open again. Contact DRMG today and see how you can prepare for your re-opening!


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