Helping Metroland Clients Navigate Forward: A Special Offer from DRMG

Amidst Metroland's recent challenges, DRMG steps up with a compassionate offer to assist Canadian publications in transition.


The Landscape of Canadian Media

Canadian Media has witnessed its fair share of change over the past few decades. In 1981 we saw the merger of Metrospan Community Newspapers and Inland Publishing Company  become Metroland. From there, in 2006, Metroland Publishing amalgamated with CityMedia to be what we’ve known as, Metroland Media Group. As a large media publisher for local communities in Southern Ontario, Metroland Media Group was home to more than 80 community newspapers providing readers with anything from what was happening locally to your favourite restaurant or grocery store flyer. On September 15th, 2023, we saw the end of a local era, we would no longer find our community paper on our doorstep. 

Metroland Tracking 

A century old business, Metroland Parcel Services is a division of Torstar Corp and are leaders in home delivery, distributing millions of flyers and newspapers every year. Having recently expanded to delivering parcels, Metroland Parcel Services has the network, expertise and tools to deliver a cost-effective premium service for final-mile delivery in Ontario. Their tracking service lets consumers follow their package on every step of its journey. 

DRMG’s Stance: More Than Just Business

As a local Canadian family-owned business that has been in operation for over twenty years, Direct Response Media Group has navigated the direct mail journey and witnessed the resiliency of direct mail media. Our purpose is to help Canadians save money, and we help businesses grow and neighbourhoods thrive. Encouraging Canadians to shop local has always been a priority for us.  

With the changes local advertising has endured, we recognize the hardship that comes with the recent closure of Metroland Media’s weekly newspapers. No matter the size or industry your business falls under, these times can be difficult and affect us all.  

Special Offer

With two (2) mailings left in 2023, we can help you finish your year strong in our Money Saver Magazine. DRMG is extending a limited time offer to Metroland customers for a ½ page ad as low as $400 or full page ad as low as $750 based on a flat rate per zone. If you’re looking for a larger distribution area, we are happy to help. For more information, please use promo code: METRO23 when calling us at, 1-844-552-0608.


DRMG’s Ongoing Commitment to Canadian Media  

More than ever, DRMG looks to inspire Canadians to shop local and earn your trust as a reliable source for local direct mail advertising. DRMG distributes over 300 million solo/shared mail annually where all mail is audited and guaranteed by Canada Post. We understand the value of supporting local and with over 40 industries we serve, specializing in Restaurants, Home Improvement, Retail and Professional Services categories, DRMG is committed to helping our local business communities.

Taking the Next Steps Together  

They say it takes a village and when we work together, we succeed together which is why DRMG is so passionate about helping Canadians save, local businesses grow and neighbourhoods thrive. To all Metroland Clients, let's journey forward together. Explore our special offer tailored just for you with code METRO23. Contact us today to learn more, our Marketing Consultants can walk you through a seamless process and answer any questions you may have. Let us help you in your journey to continue helping your local readers.


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